News & Marketing

The News & Marketing Department

The KSI News & Marketing Department is responsible for tapping the pulse of the community.

No other communication outlet can provide information tailored to the community quite like our own News and Marketing Teams. Our News Writers are encouraged to interact with members to find intriguing and compelling stories about individuals, groups, squads, or divisions that exemplify the KSI way. They’re constantly thinking outside the box and discovering topics for creative stories that KSI’s member base would find interesting. These pieces may be opinion-based articles, game reviews, surveys, polls, intellectual pieces, etc.

Our Marketers are inspired individuals from across the community. It is their job to ensure that our members stay up to date on events, announcements and happenings in KSI. This is accomplished by use of Discord servers, Xbox communication and forums activity.

The News & Marketing Department assists in developing content for KSI’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms.

All articles produced by the News Department are published here on KSI’s Website –

DNews & Marketing Head

  • KSI TexAngel 7

News Co-Head


Senior Staff

  • KSI Siren82 (News)
  • KSI Folkstyle (Marketing)

News Writers

  • KSIxMinion
  • KSI RezMeIn5
  • KSI JonahAlex12
  • Ms Euphii


  • KSI xMinion (DW, ES)
  • KSI Shadowz (SL)
  • KSI LadySatan (DM)