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KSI Handbook

Welcome to KSI Global!

KSI is an Xbox One-based gaming community that was created in 2003. Since our inception, KSI has gone through many changes but our goal has always been to create a fun gaming environment. That being said, below we have provided for you our handbook. This is a guide to our day-to-day operations and rules. Please understand that these guidelines and rules only highlight our policies, practices, and benefits for your understanding.

Welcome to KSI, we hope you enjoy your stay!

KSI Mission Statement

KSI’s Mission Statement is to create a large, dynamic, and complex gaming organization that provides leadership experience and a family environment by encouraging anyone looking to better themselves within the areas of education, leadership, multimedia and so much more. With this environment, it is the goal to provide everything needed for members to become the best version of themselves, while creating the best version of this community all while enjoying games with their peers

KSI Defined

The acronym KSI stands for our key principles: Knowledge, Strength, and Integrity. These are qualities a KSI member should strive to develop and cultivate within themselves and others.

Knowledge: Knowledge of the community is important for many reasons. Potential recruits require knowledge to create interest in joining the community, especially if they have not been offered the chance to join a community before. Members require knowledge of game nights, squad meetings, Discord, and KSI forums. Officers require knowledge on how to assist members in their day-to-day gaming adventures, how to implement workshops and recruiting methods, and much more. Leaders require knowledge to teach their officers and members what it means to rank up through KSI and how to be an effective and passionate leader within this community. Knowledge is an extremely influential and necessary requirement to allow our community to flourish.

Strength: We have all heard there is Strength in Numbers however, there is strength in each other as well. There are many aspects to this term. For example, a new member joins the community, strengthening our numbers and adding to our growth. However, there is more to this. All members, officers, and leaders strengthen our image of a true community. The bonds we make with members within our squads and divisions not only strengthen the feeling of family or a close friend but also strengthen our community against the negativity and harshness of the real world. The strength created between everyone within KSI can help members fight negative thoughts they are having, building up their morale from being bullied by other gamers or individuals within their lives. Furthermore, strength can be involved in the aspect of gaming. For example, members who normally play by themselves or consider themselves loners might find another squad mate who is highly skilled at a game the member enjoys and can help mentor them, increasing their skillset on the games they love to play. The examples listed are just a few however are the true definitions of our golden rule Never leave another KSI member behind. Therefore, if we remain together like the tethers of a rope, nothing can cut through us, because we are stronger together.

Integrity: The core definition of integrity is a strong moral code or set of principles that define our choices as what we believe to be good or bad. This quality is uniquely skewed from member to member, due to everyone growing and learning in different surroundings. So, how can we tell if a member has integrity? This in itself can be difficult at times. For example, you are hanging out at an Xbox party during game night. A member starts talking in chat about another member behind their back and believes as long as they are nice and polite to their face then they are doing nothing wrong. Now, a member with integrity may say please do not negatively talk about your fellow members, you may not know why they say or do things like that or they may say that’s not cool, would you like it if someone did that to you? On the other hand; a member without integrity may become aggressive or instigate negative behavior at the expense of those around them. For example, they may call people names or say vile things about the other member, having no regard for anyone else’s feelings or mental safety. However, these are mere examples of few views on the subject. Integrity is highly important for every member, to represent our community as a positive and non-toxic environment. 

As you can see, the key principles all have one thing in common, the members. Without those of you who join our community and give your input, personality, and time to KSI, there would be no reason why any of these principles would matter on a gaming platform. These principles have been the success of KSI from its start in 2003 however, we would have never made it this far if it was not for the knowledge of our leaders, the strength of our vision and continuous growth, and the integrity of our members.

Divisional Differences

The policies specified in this handbook are minimal, least restrictive, or baseline policies.  Individual divisions may have a slightly more restrictive policy or go a little beyond said policy based on their experience as a division. Members and officers should check with their division leaders to clarify any differences in these policies.

Quick Links

General Policies

¦ KSI’s Code of Conduct

The KSI Code of Conduct is in place to help establish and maintain a high standard of conduct for members within the community. Breaking KSI’s CoC can result in disciplinary action ranging from Suspension to Blacklist.

To maintain the high standards and ideals of KSI Global, all members must understand and abide by the Code of Conduct.

  1. KSI Members are to always represent KSI as a positive gaming community. Toxic behavior or actions unbecoming of a KSI member are not permitted at any time, for any reason.
  1. Prohibited actions and behaviors include, but are not limited to: harassment, sexual harassment, slander, console and gameplay modding, stolen valor, theft, illegal drug use, posting of pornography, or any media of an inappropriate nature, blackmail, and piracy.
  1. Squad leadership is responsible for the scheduling and hosting of game nights and workshops, as well as the enforcement of the KSI Code of Conduct. 
  1. KSI has an Open Door Policy, any member can go to any leader with any issues or ideas, but it is highly encouraged members follow the proper chain of command to ensure matters are handled appropriately.
  1. KSI is an activity-based community. Meaning, if you cannot attend game nights or any other KSI-related events for an extended period without notifying your chain of command, you could be removed from KSI.
  1. A KSI member never leaves another KSI member behind. We ask that you refrain from rage quitting in the middle of a game or match. If you sign up to participate in an event, it is your responsibility to notify the appropriate staff/members promptly if you cannot attend.
  1. The lowest age allowed to be recruited into KSI is 15, however, the divisions within KSI may have higher standards, this policy is in place at the discretion of KSI Senior Leadership.

KSI members are not permitted to be a part of any clan or community other than KSI. 

  • All KSI members are to have been read and agree to the KSI Code of Conduct. Failure to adhere to these standards and policies will result in removal from KSI. 
  • KSI senior leadership reserves the right to alter the Code of Conduct at any time. 

¦ Open-Door Policy

This policy allows you to speak freely to any level of leadership regarding any ideas, suggestions, or concerns you may have about the community or its members. The relationship you develop at KSI will be between you and your leaders. However, should you need support from someone other than your leaders, the entire management team, the senior leaders, and the board of directors are committed to resolving your concerns and listening to ideas to better the community as a whole?

¦ Harassment Policy

KSI does not tolerate harassment or intimidation of our members on any basis prohibited by but not limited to, the law, including race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, handicap, & disability. Harassment is generally defined as a course of conduct that annoys, threatens, intimidates, alarms, or puts a person in fear of their safety. Harassment is unwanted, unwelcome, and uninvited behavior that demeans threatens, or offends the victim and results in a hostile environment for the member.  It may include but is not limited to derogatory comments or slurs and lewd propositions, assault, impeding or blocking movement, and visual insults, such as derogatory posters, pictures, or cartoons.

Please remember that this applies to any platform that members communicate on such as social media, KSI Forums, Xbox messaging, and or party chat and Discord.

¦ Conflict of Interest Policy

Conflict of interest means when the objective of your duties in KSI is affected by your personal interests and thus hinders your ability to be impartial. Such conflicts of interest arise when a member is

  • Involved in a sexual or romantic relationship with another KSI member 
  • Lives with another member
  • Friends with another member in real life
  • Family with another member
  • Whom she or he directly supervises, teaches, or evaluates

All instances of a Conflict of Interest should be reported to the highest leader of the division and everything will be done to ensure that both members will still be able to have their desired future in this community. These relationships are not discouraged but for the safety and well-being of the community and the participants, it must be disclosed and addressed prior to any issues arising.

¦ Social Media Policy

The Code of Conduct applies to your interactions on social media such as posts and comments. Posts or comments that violate this policy are liable to disciplinary action up to but not limited to removal from our community. Using KSI’s social media outlets to find any KSI member’s personal life and use it to harass, stalk or blackmail other KSI members will not be tolerated.

¦ Code of Ethical Conduct

In order to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest, members are expected to abide by the following code of ethical conduct. Please consult your leaders if you have any questions.

  • Members of KSI should not solicit anything of value from any person or organization with which KSI has a current or potential business relationship.
  • Members of KSI should not accept any item of value from any party in exchange for or in connection with a business transaction between KSI and the other party.

Note: If you are faced with and are unsure how to handle a situation that you believe has the potential to violate this code of ethical conduct, notify our director staff or CEO directly. Violations of this code may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including blacklisting.

KSI considers its confidential and proprietary information, including the confidential and proprietary information of our customers, to be one of its most valuable assets. As a result, members must carefully protect and must not disclose to any third party all confidential and proprietary information belonging to KSI or its customers. Such protected information includes, but is not limited to: matters of a technical nature, such as computer software, product sources, product research, and designs; and matters of a business nature, such as customer lists, customer contact information, associate information, on-site program and support materials, candidate and recruit or member lists and information, member information, placement information, sales, financial and marketing data, systems, forms, methods, procedures, and analysis, and any other proprietary information, whether communicated orally or in the documentary, computerized or other tangible forms, concerning KSI or its customers operations and business.

¦ Rules of Conduct and Progressive Disciplinary Procedure

There are reasonable rules of conduct that must be followed in any organization to help a group of people game together effectively. KSI expects each member to present themselves in a professional appearance and manner. If a member is not considerate of others and does not observe reasonable game rules, disciplinary action will be taken.

Depending on the severity or frequency of the disciplinary problems.

  • A verbal or written reprimand
  • Suspension from the forums
  • Rank Suspension
  • Removal from division, department, and or Community. 

It is within the KSI’s Leaders’ sole discretion to select the appropriate disciplinary action to be taken. Notwithstanding the availability of the various disciplinary options, KSI reserves the right to remove a member at its discretion.

The following is not a complete list of offenses for which any member may be subject to discipline, but it is illustrative of those offenses that may result in immediate discipline, up to and including blacklisting:

  • Excessive absenteeism or tardiness.
  • Dishonesty, including falsification of KSI-related documents, or misrepresentation of any fact.
  • Commission of a crime, or other conduct which may damage the reputation of KSI.
  • Use of profane language while on KSI business.
  • Stealing, misappropriating, or intentionally damaging property belonging to KSI or its customers or members.
  • Unauthorized use of KSI’s or its clients name, logo, funds, equipment, vehicles, or property.
  • Insubordination, including failure to comply with any game assignments or instructions given by any KSI leader with the authority to do so.
  • Violation of KSI’s Equal Membership Opportunity Policy or its Harassment Policy.
  • Interference with the game performance of other members.
  • Failure to cooperate with an internal investigation, including, but not limited to, investigations of violations of these game rules.
  • Failure to maintain the confidentiality of trade secrets or other confidential information belonging to KSI or its customers.
  • Failure to comply with the personnel policies and rules of KSI.
  • Conducting any Official KSI business while under the influence of alcohol or any substance that may cause a misrepresentation of KSI and its standards.

¦ Statement Of Neutrality

KSI Global is a Neutral/Non-Aggressive Gaming entity.

KSI Global does not condone nor participate in any form of aggressive or threatening acts towards other gaming organizations. The goal of KSI is to establish a positive and safe environment for all of our members, as well as every member of the Xbox live community that we come in contact with. This being said, KSI Global maintains a position of Neutrality towards every gaming entity on Xbox live, as well as all other forms of social media that may be applicable.

¦ Equal Gaming Opportunity

It is the policy of KSI to provide equal gaming opportunities to all gamers and affiliates and not to discriminate on any basis prohibited by, but is not limited to, the law, including race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, and disability. It is our intent and desire that equal gaming opportunities will be provided in recruitment, position selection, promotions, demotions, and all other terms and conditions regarding membership. The CEO of KSI and all executive personnel are committed to these rules and regulations including their enforcement.

Members are directed to bring any violation of this policy to the immediate attention of their leaders. Any member who violates this policy or knowingly retaliates against any members or affiliates reporting or complaining of a violation of this policy shall be subject to immediate disciplinary action, up to and including blacklisting. Complaints brought under this policy will be promptly investigated and handled with due regard for the privacy and respect of all members involved.

¦ Interacting with another Community

KSI does not discriminate nor reject our members from communicating and gaming with members from other communities. The only exception to this, however, is members and communities that are designated as blacklisted and or Security Risked from KSI. Contact your divisional leaders and or Director immediately if you are contacted by another community member for the following reasons:

  • Questions about your squad or division
  • To join their community
  • Ask you to join a club, discord server, or party randomly

You are not to be a part of any discord that is operated by another community that they use for social and recruiting purposes. You are permitted to be a part of in-game clans even if they aren’t KSI operated. However, if the clan has Blacklisted or Security Risked individuals in it, all KSI members must leave.

¦ Discord Etiquette

All members are required to be a part of their divisional discord server. When choosing your nickname for the server, it should be recognizable and easily matched to your Gamertag. That means all nicknames must be in English and not made up of symbols and numbers completely. Posting graphics or messages on the server that violate our code of conduct you will be facing disciplinary actions including but not limited to a verbal warning, rank suspension, or removal from the server.

¦ KSI Community Server

The KSI community server is a place where all members interact regardless of their rank and division. Here in KSI, we strive to be one unified community. Leaders and members alike have been wanting to close the gap and create more communication between all the squads and divisions. This server is to answer that call. Feel free to meet and greet members from across the entire community. Ask your general for access. 

The Board of Directors

¦ What is the Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors oversees KSI in every aspect. Each position works in unison in order to successfully operate our community. Each member of this board has risen through the ranks of either Clan Ops, Departments Ops, or Web Ops and presides over a position that they have experience in. Prep-Board positions are given to members who are preparing to join the Board.

¦ Board of Director Positions and Roles

  • Chairman: KSI Ace 7, Highest ranked member of the Board
  • Chief Executive Officer: N/A, Highest ranked member of KSI
  • Chief of Staff: KSI Swag 77, Oversees Clan Ops Leadership
  • Chief Department Manager: KSI Dropshot 7, Highest ranked member of Department Operations
  • Chief Administrative Officer: KSI VENUM 7,  Highest ranked member of Web Operations
  • Chief of Community Relations, KSI AIRBORNE 7,  Handles all PR for the Community
  • Chief Knowledge Officer: KSI DC 77, Highest ranked member of Education
  • Chief Strategic Officer: KSI ATH3NA 7, Oversees the Leadership Council

¦ Prep Board Positions and Leaders

  • Head of Education: KSI Nyquil 7
  • Head Department Manager: KSI Tea 7
  • Head Administrative Officer: KSI VENUM 7

Clan Operations

¦ What is Clan Ops?

Clan Ops is the heart of our community. It represents one-third of our organization’s structure but is by far the largest and most dynamic portion. All Divisions and Squads are a part of Clan Ops with all associated ranks. Making up the core of the community, the majority of all members throughout Web Ops and Department Ops all either still reside or began in Clan Ops. Although Web Operations and Department Operations are important, they exist to serve Clan operations. It is the building block of all current and future leaders in this community.

¦ Clan Ops Mottos

Quality over Quantity 

Numbers are not everything in this community. We want quality members who love this community just as much as we do.

Life comes first

Your life off of Xbox is more important. We as a community want you to thrive in your lives. With that being said, it is okay if you need to take a step back from the community for a period of time or indefinitely. 

Praise in public, discipline in private

When it comes to being an officer it’s important to understand different forms of leadership. If a member is performing above standards, then it is encouraged to show this accomplishment. However, if a member requires disciplinary action, do not discipline them in front of others. You will pull them aside and discuss the matter privately.

¦ Rank Structure and Responsibilities

The rank structure in KSI exists to divide up responsibilities required to operate and maintain Squads and Divisions as well as distinguish between members and officers.  Most of these responsibilities pertain to officers and include things such as hosting game nights, workshops, squad meetings, performing security checks, and maintaining squad member lists. However, all members are responsible for their activity and their membership in KSI.

Clan Ops Leaders:

There are prerequisites that determine the ability for a member to move up the rank structure. These as well as the ranks and their responsibilities are detailed in the Rank Structure Workshop found below.

¦ Recruiting

Recruiting is essential to Clan Ops and the community. Bringing in new people to experience all that KSI is and what KSI offers, from education and real-world leadership experience and training to web development, graphics design, productions, journalism, and Weekly tournaments. Recruiting also helps teach individuals skills that they can use in everyday life, such as communication, leadership, and time management. 

Recruiting is not required but is highly encouraged! Sergeants and above can recruit. In addition, corporals and even privates can refer new members. However, the actual recruitment will be done by an individual who has the qualifications.

Refer to the recruiting workshop for the recruitment process. 

Workshop Link: 

¦ Recruitment Policies

  1. KSI’s Minimum Recruitment policy on age: All members of KSI must be the age of 15 or older. Divisions are permitted to increase the required age to be recruited, this is decided by Divisional leadership with the approval of their Director.
  2. Recruiting may be done by all members ranked Sergeant and above with approval from your General.
  3. KSI is an invite-only community. You must invite someone to join KSI, if they ask you to join then the individual must go to the forums and submit a join application. 

Join KSI: 

¦ Clan Ops Uniforms

KSI strives to be a uniform community that promotes growth and unity. Having members change aspects about their profile helps promote these goals and helps officers maintain their squad.

Profile Settings

  • Gamertag Location will be for your Squad, Division, and rank.
  • Your bio will contain your recruitment date, who recruited you, and any promotions you receive. KSI information must go before all other text in your bio.
  • All locations & bios should be free of spelling errors and dates should be consistent in the format of (MM/DD/YY).
  • All members are expected to have the above information until you reach the rank of Co-Founder. At which time you can then remove information due to lack of space. All bios should at least have the following:
    • Most recent recruitment date
    • Recent promotion
    • Current ranks in Web and or Dept Ops

Account privacy

  • Xbox Profile: Visible to Everybody
  • You can see details about other people: Visible to Everybody
  • Friends list: Visible to Friends 

¦ Rejoining KSI

If you are looking to rejoin KSI following a hiatus of any amount of time above forty-eight hours you must fill out an application in the rejoin section. However, members must wait a minimum of thirty days before they can post their rejoin application. A seven-day waiting period will follow the application being submitted. Security check and background information will be analyzed prior to being invited back to KSI. If you are currently in a community, you must wait two weeks following your exit from the prior community to apply to KSI. Your prior community may be questioned for a reference. If you currently have a clan tag as part of your Gamertag, you will be asked to change your Gamertag to remove it before final approval on your rejoin application. 

Rejoin Link: 

¦ Security Checks

A Security Check is a process of looking at the information provided to make sure there will be no issues in the future regarding members’ history and or friends list, this is to be done with new members, rejoins, and current members. This is performed by the Join Moderation Team and by officers with a Squad. Below are useful tips to help in this process. 

  • Look at members’ friend lists for blacklisted individuals and clubs.
  • If the recruit was a former member of KSI or another community similar to KSI such as XGN, TXO, TXI, BGL, KN, or GRM then they must be directed to the KSI Forums and put in an application to join or rejoin.
  • Checking a gamers activity feed is a crucial step to see if the potential member is lying about their past. Look at their game clips and screenshots for more information about their past.
  • Do a google search of a current or previous Gamertag to find basic information and other websites the applicant has used.

¦ Rejoining KSI after being DNH’d or Blacklisted

  • Your friend’s list must be visible to everybody.
  • Log onto the Forums and go to the court area.
  • Access and fill out the appeal form correctly.
  • Wait patiently for all judges and witnesses to post.
  • Answer any and all questions directed towards you and accept the final decision.

Court Area Link:

¦ Clan Ops Events

When hosting an event, you should always post the summary immediately after the event ends on the forums in your divisional section. This includes the event name, date, host, cohost, game, attendance, and guests. Below are different Clan Ops events.

Game nights

KSI encourages bonding with your fellow members in organized gaming events such as:

    • Squad Game Night: The most common game night, where you play with members of your squad. This event is commonly hosted by an officer in your squad.
    • Divisional Game Night: A game night in which all members of your division participate. 
  • Multi-Divisional Game Night: Organized gaming events between two or more divisions. 


  • Squad Meetings: Held by Generals and inform members of information that relates to them.
  • Generals Meeting: Held by divisional leadership and informs Generals of information that relates to their squad
  • Division Leaders Meeting: Held by Directors and inform Divisional leadership of information relating to their division or community.
  • Directors Meeting: All Directors meet to discuss the state of clan ops.
  • Board of Directors Meeting:  All Board members meet to discuss the state of KSI.

¦ Omega Program

KSI uses a roster management application called Omega. This program helps keep track of all members of the community. Only the ranks of General and above have access to this application.

¦ Transfers

All transfers need to be requested by the member wishing to transfer. First to the General of their respective squad then the Co-Founder. If all parties involved accept, then they will be allowed to transfer. However, please keep in mind the different reasons for transferring calls for different procedures.

Squad Transfer Break Down

  • Ask your general if you are more needed where you are and if they have plans for you.
  • Your General will either encourage you to stay or aid you in pursuing the squad transfer by contacting the co-founder of your squad.
  • Your Co-founder will get with the generals over each squad
  • The two Generals will then meet and talk the transfer over. Their discussion will include issues they are involved in, conduct, attitude, and professionalism.
  • If the General feels that the member would be an ill fit in the new squad then the transfer will be refused.
  • If both generals agree then the member will be transferred. Remember that rank is not guaranteed once transferred due to space in squads.

Division Transfer Break Down

  • Ask your general if you are more needed where you are and if they have plans for you.
  • Your General will either encourage you to stay or aid you in pursuing the division transfer by contacting the leader of your division.
  • Your division leader will meet with the director of the division and discuss the transfer.
  • The two directors will then meet and talk the transfer over. Their discussion will include issues they are involved in, conduct, attitude, professionalism.
  • If the Director feels that the member would be an ill fit in the new division, then the transfer will be refused.
  • If both directors agree then the member will be transferred. Minimum of a one rank demotion to any rank, lowest being SGT for KSI tags. Please remember that rank is not guaranteed to transfer overdue to space in squads or the division as a whole.

Voluntary Transfer

  • This is a transfer that members request to go to another division or squad for any reason.
  • They will receive a one rank demotion, however, based on availability, they may have to take a lower rank demotion.
  • They are not to be promoted for two weeks after the transfer.

Business Transfer

  • This transfer is requested by leadership for members to be placed to assist and or lead the area they are being transferred to.
  • The member’s rank may stay the same or drop no more than one rank.

Involuntary Transfer

  • This transfer can only be requested by the director to senior leadership.
  • This transfer would be due to a member becoming security risked from the division or kicked and removed from a division.
  • The member being transferred will be subject to a One Strike policy in the new division, the length of which will be determined by the accepting division.
  • Minimum of two rank demotion to any rank, lowest being SGT for KSI tags. Please remember that rank is not guaranteed to transfer overdue to space in squads or the division as a whole.

¦ Division and Squad Splits

The goal of KSI is to regularly give as many deserving members as possible a chance at leadership. With a finite amount of leadership positions within the community, the best way to grow our leader base is to grow our community.

A standard squad generally consists of anywhere from thirty to eighty members. Each with a maximum of ten officers; three Staff Sergeants, three Lieutenants, three Captains, and one General. Once a squad begins passing the seventy-member mark, the General, Officers, and Co-Founder will begin discussing a split. “Splitting” is the act of taking anywhere from thirty-five to fifty percent of the squad and creating a new one, moving up all leaders that are able and filling some of the newly vacated positions.

A standard division has from two to eight squads, generally maxing out at four hundred and fifty members. A division becomes eligible to split when all leadership positions of Co-Founder, Founder, and Division leaders are filled and trained, and the division is at a minimum of four hundred members with a squad average of sixty members, with fully trained Officers. When beginning the preparation of a split, all divisional leaders must begin discussing the future with the Director and Senior Directors of the community. Generally anywhere from thirty to fifty percent of the squads will split into the new division, with some of the Co-Founders and the Founder becoming the highest rank and “Founding” the division.

The goal of any split, whether Squad or division is to do it when the area is stable enough, has the correct amount of members and leaders, and when it is stable enough to handle the influx of change. All guidelines are just that; it is most important to make these big moves and decisions when the areas can handle them.

Divisions and squads should vet Omega prior to moving forward with a split. Inactive members and non-invested members will only hinder the process, and leave the areas in a difficult position, to begin with.

¦ Leave of Absence

A leave of absence or LOA is encouraged for members who won’t be active for more than a week’s time. Examples of this can be a vacation or starting a new job or school. When taking an LOA a member needs to inform their leaders as to when and why they are requesting an LoA. Each division should have a post created in their divisional section that consists of a format example and a description of the LoA. This system is mandatory for all members within KSI and should be documented in the aforementioned topic in their respective division section. They should not be denied, however abuse of the system can, and will result in the removal of the leader from their position, or the removal of an individual from the division and or Community.

Do not take an LOA if you are going to be active but not as much due to scheduling. In those cases, communicating with your officer and General is the best way to proceed or if an LoA will be necessary or not. 

Officers and higher that take LOAs need to only do so if they are not going to be available on Xbox. They will have their discord roles adjusted as well to allow them the time to handle any real-life issues and upon return will go back to their normal duties and roles returned. 

¦ Strike System

The KSI disciplinary system utilizes a strike system to help ensure that we give individuals equal opportunities to redeem themselves but also prevent frequent offenders from going unpunished. Typically, members are issued strikes for the following reasons:

  • Breaking Code of Conduct
  • Disrespecting Leadership
  • Failure to complete officer/general duties

Members are allotted three strikes after which they are removed. However, sometimes the One Strike policy can be put into effect. This is due to the severity or consistent problems arising within a short time period. The One Strike policy can have an expiration date in which they will be removed for good behavior. The following are typical lengths of One strike is one month, three months, six months, and indefinitely. Members under one strike cannot be promoted to a higher rank than they are currently at and are essentially rank locked.

¦ Divisional Lockdown 

Divisions go into lockdown protocol in an effort to protect their members when another community is poaching, kicking members offline, and or harassing members. Lockdowns are initiated by the Divisional Leader and approved by the Director in which certain processes and privileges are adjusted during the lockdown. Here are the specific changes implemented during lockdowns:

  • All Parties with members of the division are to be on Invite Only.
  • Security Checks are done throughout all squads frequently.
  • Discord invites are restricted to the divisional 7s staff only and all existing invites are canceled.
  • Recruiting standards are changed to stricter requirements and in some instances recruiting will be stopped during the lockdown.
  • Discord names that don’t identify an individual’s Gamertag either directly or loosely should be fixed or removed until the identity is figured out.
  • Messages are to be sent out regarding why the division is in lockdown and when you are removing the lockdown.
  • Any suspicious behavior or messages sent must be reported to the divisional 7s staff.

Following these rules will help ensure the safety of your members and once you feel it is safe you may remove the lockdown protocol.

¦ Voluntary Leave and Returning

If at any point in time within your KSI career where you ultimately decide to step away from the community and your position, sometimes you regret that decision shortly thereafter. If you leave and wish to return to your position, you may do so within a 48-hour period of leaving as long as you did not do the following:

  • Break Code of Conduct
  • Left in the process of being removed from the division
  • Left in the process of being demoted

If you do fall into any of the situations, you won’t necessarily be barred from coming back but there is the possibility that you will return as a lower officer rank or as an SGT. 

¦ Switching Accounts

KSI does not encourage members to transfer their KSI information to a different account under any circumstance. The reasons typically given for why this may be asked is for :

  • Can’t afford Gamertag change to KSI
  • Not the sole owner of the Account
  • Switching from Child Account 

If a member wishes to switch accounts, they must be removed and put in a rejoin application in thirty days. This is to ensure that members are in KSI on their most active account and not on a secondary one.

¦ Impersonating 

KSI does not tolerate individuals changing their Gamertags to closely reflect or directly mirror another member within the community. Creating alternate accounts with eerily similar Gamertags is also not allowed as this can be seen as impersonation and potentially harassment. Members who violate this will be faced with disciplinary actions including but not limited to removal from the community and security risked. 

¦ Activity

Being active in KSI is a very delicate topic as we are a gaming community dedicated to having a positive and active member base. To be considered active within KSI Clan Ops you must meet the following requirements:

  • Active on Xbox with Xbox Live
  • Not Appearing Offline or Last seen for 6+ days or consistently ghosting
  • Attend at least one event within a two week period
  • Active on discord
  • Must-Have an Xbox and a working mic

If you have a schedule that conflicts with event times be sure to let your general know so they can take that into account. In the event of failing to meet these requirements, you can post an LOA for up to 3 weeks with the approval of your divisional leader. If an LOA was not utilized you may be considered inactive and removed from KSI. 

¦ Removing Inactive Members

When removing inactive members that fall outside of the aforementioned activity listed above, you must follow this process.

Members who are appearing offline for extended periods of time or haven’t been seen online and gaming within a two-week span will be sent an initial message to gauge whether everything is okay. If no response is given after one week, they will be sent a message indicating that if they do not respond within the next forty-eight hours they will be removed for inactivity. Individuals that fail to respond to the fluffing message will be removed and can rejoin KSI in 30 days.  The Individuals that respond but continue to fall inactive consistently will be subject to removal. 

Department Operations

¦ What is Department Operations?

Department Operations is the sphere of KSI that involves groups of community members who work together to improve the comprehensive community feels that KSI strives for. Through the AAP, Tournaments, and Events, Productions, Graphics, and News, every willing member of the community can reap the rewards of the products each respective department provides. Department Operations provides a bridge from Clan Operations to Web Operations that strengthen involvement and enjoyment in the community. Department Operations is constantly reviewing the strength of these programs and looking for possible expansion to better meet the members’ needs. Such projects include Marketing, History, and Social Media outreach.

¦ Benefits of joining a Department

A community like KSI is more than just gaming. While everything KSI does revolve around Xbox and the gaming aspect, departments provide outlets for members to put their skills to the test and have fun exploring different interests.

The reward of learning how to better use Photoshop, teaching KSI’s next crop of leaders, providing stories and interviews about other members, hosting workshops, and so much more, is hard to quantify. However, it does make members feel more personally involved in KSI and allows members to spread their wings and have fun without fear of judgment or alienation. You will meet new people, develop new skills and see a side of KSI that is different from Clan Ops or Web Ops.

¦ How to join a Department

The Department Join Area is the central hub for all interested applicants to research and applies for membership into KSI’s Departments. There you will find links to each department’s forums section and a list of Heads, Co-Heads, and points of contact. Some departments are open permanently and some departments are only open on an as-needed basis. Permanent openings are listed in pinned threads that are pinned and denoted with asterisks for members to copy and paste the form for their application. As-needed openings are posted intermittently and ask for members to reply directly to the opening in the thread.

Regardless of which opening a member is applying for, a Head or Co-Head will review the application and get with the applicant in a timely fashion. Heads and Co-Heads reserve the right to deny applications based on skill or demeanor, past behaviors or actions, or time requirements. Time requirements refer only to being able to fulfill responsibilities within a given time. Some departments require more intensive involvement than others, and hectic real life, or other KSI obligations, may result in you being unable to join that department at a given time.


¦ Department Cap

KSI does not wish to limit the contribution and dedication of a member within the community but there are limits to one’s capability to work efficiently. That is why we have a department cap that correlates with other responsibilities you uphold throughout the community. Departments will be capped at ten members as well. This does not include Department Heads, Co-Heads, or Senior Staff Members. This is subject to change at the CDMs discretion.

  • A Department Head or Co-Head may be involved in 1 other Department or Web Ops.
  • A member of Clan Ops can be involved in either 2 Departments or a Department and Web Ops.
  • A member not in Clan Ops and not a Department Head may be involved in up to 3 Departments or 2 Departments and Web Ops.

Current roles that count towards the cap: 

  • AAP
  • News
  • Productions
  • Tournaments & Events
  • Web Ops (Moderator, Join Moderator, GSM)
  • Education/Information 

¦ Department Ranks

  • Entry Level: The initial rank earned when joining a department. They complete the tasks required of them according to their department such as posting on awards, writing articles, and hosting events.
  • Senior Staff: Given to members who have excelled at their position within the department. These members may have additional duties and responsibilities within the department.
  • Co-Head: Awarded to Senior staff members who have shown the ability to help lead and run the department in conjunction with the department head. Responsible for ensuring work is being finished on time and correctly. Can also hire and fire members as well as promote with the Department Head’s permission.
  • Department Head: Awarded to Co-Head after showing the ability to lead the department as the head figure. Responsible for completion of all tasks and responsibilities of the Department. Also hires, removes, and promotes within the department.
  • Head Department Manager: Given to Individuals who show the ability to lead and multi-task multiple department workloads and help ensure they are operating smoothly and all tasks are completed. Typically this position is a grooming spot for the Chief Department Manager position on the Board of Directors.
  • Chief Department Manager: This board of directors position is responsible for all department operations. Creating or closing departments, as well as promotions of Co-heads, Dept Heads and Head Department Managers, come from this position. The highest position in KSI for Departments. 

¦ News

The News Team is responsible for tapping the pulse of the community. No news outlet can provide information tailored to the community quite like our own team. Writers are encouraged to interact with members of the community to find intriguing and compelling stories about individuals, groups, squads or divisions that exemplify the KSI way. Staff members are also asked to think outside the box for creative stories and pieces that KSI’s member base would find interesting. These pieces may be opinion pieces, game reviews, surveys, etc. The news team also coordinates and publishes divisional histories, member spotlights as well as recent promotions.

All articles produced by KSI News are published on KSI’s News Site, which is listed below this description. Lastly, the News team operates KSI social media pages as well on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


¦ Productions

Productions is part of KSI’s multimedia umbrella, along with News and Graphics. Within this department, members can explore the possibilities of live-streaming, editing montages, and clip packages and working with software to create intros and outros that will be used in videos, and much more. The team consists of staff who create long-standing shows and podcasts for KSI’s members to enjoy. Such shows are either streamed on Twitch or previously recorded and exported to YouTube.

These members are able to stream interviews, gameplay, and game nights involving their divisions, allowing a spotlight to be shined brightly on their members and activity. The team also runs contests such as the Montage Competition, which occurs monthly and allows those who don’t have recording and editing software to put together montages that compete to be displayed on our YouTube channel. Members are given awards for participating in this event, Productions also solicit short, interesting clips that can be passed along to KSI’s Social Media so those clips can be uploaded onto the community’s Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Productions are committed to providing content the community can enjoy both on and off of Xbox.


¦ Graphics

KSI’s Graphics team provides image and logo editing and design for the benefit of our members. The team takes requests for banners, awards, logos, images, avatars and much more to provide images our members can utilize to show off their KSI pride.

The team works heavily with other departments to provide image services to their projects, as well as with Web Ops to keep our forums looking sharp. The team is also dedicated to training and teaching interested members how to improve with a variety of products, such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Applicants will have tutorials and guides to follow and experts to give them pointers along the way.



KSI’s Awards and Achievements Program seeks to promote a positive and rewarding atmosphere within KSI by standardizing a process to request, nominate and receive awards. The department’s award listing is ever-expanding, and members are encouraged to post in AAP’s Forums section to take advantage of KSI’s awards system. AAP is a central foundation to KSI’s belief that members should be awarded based on the merit of their contributions to the community. The department also supports monthly and yearly goals and achievements by offering Of the Month and Of the Year awards. OTMs represent KSI’s very best at varying ranks and positions for each month. The OTYs are the same except they represent the whole year. The OTYs are reviewed and presented by KSI’s Board of Directors at the annual KSI Awards Show in early January to celebrate those who excelled over the past year.


Divisional Hall of Fame

Also under AAP, is the KSI Divisional Hall of Fame program. Dedicated to honor current and former leadership as well as members whose contributions to their respective divisions are recognized by their peers through nominations. This is decided by the AAP staff through voting for induction. Voting takes place twice a year with winners being announced and inducted during Spring Break and Fall Classic. Each division has a separate hall of fame section and can be viewed on the KSI forums.


¦ Tournaments and Events

Tournaments and Events provide a competitive gaming atmosphere to KSI’s casual environment. The team plans and executes weekly Weekend Warfare events that all of KSI’s members can compete in. The team works with Productions to have the events streamed and AAP to have winners of the events awarded for their accomplishments. The team is open to recommendations and suggestions as to new tournament ideas and plans to improve its reach within the community. The staff also assists the Board of Directors in executing KSI’s large annual events such as Spring Break, Spirit Week, Fall Classic and Turkey Bowl.


Community Development Center

The Community Development Center is the fourth branch of KSI and comprises the Leadership Council, Education and Information teams. The members of these teams are from all areas of KSI and aim to improve the overall health of our community. They do this by creating and implementing various resources and ideas to improve the membership experience in KSI as a whole.

¦ Leadership Council

The Leadership Council, LC for short, is a collective of members from several different areas of the community who utilize their unique perception, experiences and insight to influence change, increase member retention, general happiness, and ensure community growth in every way possible. The LC has a primary focus on engaging with members, gauging community needs, and addressing issues within the community based on information received.

¦ Education & Information

The Education and Information teams are dedicated to helping mold the next great leaders of our community. Lessons from this department go far beyond an Xbox or keyboard. The CEP and LEAD programs teach members how to be better leaders. LEAD programs are frequently hosted by Education mentors and feature a 101 and a 201 course, both of which take several weeks to complete. CEP workshops are often hosted by squad and divisional leadership, these workshops should take no longer than one hour. These programs will help KSI’s member base become more level-headed, well-rounded and confident leaders. Information creates and maintains all educational materials along with all the policy documents available for KSI Members. 

Positions and rank requirements

  • Mentor: current Co-founder and above
  • Assistant Mentors: General and above
  • Information Specialist: Any rank


Annual Events and Divisional Cup

Throughout the year, KSI holds six annual events, each broken into three different categories. These three categories are Premier Event, Major Event and Special Event. These events are to show off divisional pride and promote community unity. Divisional Cup will be scored solely off of our six annual events and will represent which division has the best showing in these events throughout the year. 

¦ Divisional Cup Scoring Guidelines

Premier Event 

Spirit Week is KSI’s biggest week of the year. Typically, a five day event, Spirit Week usually has anywhere from twelve to fifteen events. Spirit Week is division specific, meaning each team must be filled with members from the same division. Each division can field two teams, each earning a point towards the Divisional Cup. Points will also be awarded to the top three placing teams for each event: 

  • 1st Place: Additional 3 points
  • 2nd Place: Additional 2 Points
  • 3rd Place: Additional 1 Point

Major Event

Spring Break and Turkey Bowl are Major Events that are similar to Spirit Week in that they are Division Specific. However, they are shorter than our Premier Event, typically having anywhere from six to nine events. These events are hosted Friday through Sunday and follow the same scoring guidelines as Spirit Week. Divisions will be able to field up to two teams. 

Special Event

Cupid’s Clash, Donor’s Weekend and Turkey Bowl are Special Events that are different from Premier and Major Events in that they are not division specific. Every event during Special Events will either be free for all or a small team event. Special Events are also held on Friday through Sunday and typically have five to seven events. Special events are also unique in that they are scored on participation only and that there is no cap on how many members from each division can participate. If thirty members from a division participate throughout the weekend, that division will earn thirty points towards the Divisional Cup. Points will not be awarded for placement. 

Award Show

A celebratory show that reflects on the past year and commemorates members for their dedication and accomplishments. All Of The Year awards are announced during this event as well as the winner of the Divisional Cup.

Cupid’s Clash

 A duo tournament to be held every Valentine’s day. Members sign themselves up for events and the Tournaments and Event staff will choose their partner for the event. This is done to promote socializing and since you only get points for participation you don’t have to worry too much about winning. 

Spring Break

A three day event that occurs during Spring time. It is the third annual event and the kick off of the Divisional Cup season. Participation and placing top three during this event will grant points to be awarded to the respective division. These points will be tallied up and used to decide the winner of Spring Break and the final tallied points to be used in the Divisional Cup.

Spirit Week

A five day event that occurs during July, this is the biggest event of the year. Participation and placing top three during this event will grant points to be awarded to the respective division. These points will be tallied up and used to decide the winner of the Spirit Week and the final tallied points to be used in the Divisional Cup. The King and Queen of Spirit Week will be decided on Sunday of the event.

Fall Classic

A three day event to take place in September. Participation and placing top three during this event will grant points to be awarded to the respective division. These points will be tallied up and used to decide the winner of Fall Classic and the final tallied points to be used in the Divisional Cup.

Turkey Bowl

A three day event to take place on the weekend surrounding Thanksgiving. This event is generally FFA’s and doubles tournaments. Participation and placing top three during this event will grant points to be awarded to the respective division. These points will be tallied up and used to decide the winner of Turkey Bowl and the final tallied points to be used in the Divisional Cup.

Web Operations

Web Operations consist of the day to day running of KSI’s websites and administrative duties correlating with these sites. This includes the KSI Forums, news site and any and all other websites operated or owned by KSI.

¦ KSI Forums

This is the main website used by KSI for a multitude of purposes. The main reason for this site is to establish a line of communication for all KSI members to use outside of Xbox Live, but is not limited to that single purpose as the forums are also used for events, streams, division transfers, and joining or rejoining KSI. This site also contains an archived history of events, meeting notes and KSI knowledge for all members to utilize.


Properly Utilizing the Forums

A place for both social and business related interactions to be made on behalf of KSI. While KSI does encourage unique and thought provoking topics discussed, any topics, debates, comments, polls or any other form of online communication used on is subject to the CoC. Any violations of the CoC or any other policies set forth by KSI may result in disciplinary action including but not limited to forum warnings and or a ban from the forums.

Forum Accounts

To access and post on the KSI forums you must have a forums account. To do this click in the top right corner of the main page and click sign up. Fill out all the required information using an email you have immediate access to. Once you are finished, a verification email will be sent to your account shortly. Please check your Junk folder as it may end up there as opposed to your inbox. Members are only permitted to have 1 Forums account, and in the event you cannot access your account for any reason you must contact Forums administrators to get you back in. Creating multiple accounts can result in a disciplinary action including but not limited to being banned off the forums. 

Spam and Reputation Boosting

KSI does not tolerate actions on the forums that are done solely to increase your post count, and or upvoting someone multiple times in a short period and possibly receiving upvotes as well in a similar fashion. This is known as spamming and upvote abuse which will immediately prevent you from earning any qualifying awards on the forums as well as potentially banning your account from posting or from accessing the forums site.


The main website for all information and news regarding KSI. This site is used for News Articles, Community information as well as other means of distributing information regarding KSI.


¦ Web Ops Ranks 

  • Gaming Section Moderator: 
  • Join Area Moderator: Handles the join and rejoin applications for new or rejoining members.
  • Senior Join Moderator: Makes sure all duties of a join moderator are being executed. Communicates with join moderators and forum moderators about any issues that are found. 
  • Forums Moderator: Ability to suspend members from the forums, shout box and topics. Ability to edit, pin, unpin, hide, delete, remove and move posts and topics. Ability to edit and delete shout box posts.
  • Senior Forums Moderator: Second in command to the Admins. Ability to suspend members from the forums, shout box and topics. Ability to edit, pin, unpin, hide, delete, remove, move, split and merge posts and topics. Ability to edit forums profiles and to edit and delete shout box posts.
  • Administrator: Supports the operations of the Board and reports to the USA and CAO on enforcing forum rules and restrictions.
  • Head Administrator: Also Known as the User Support Administrator. Handles the day-to-day operations of the Board, manages the Senior Moderators and Moderators and assists with assigning forums groups.
  • Chief Administrator Officer: Also Known as the Main Site Administrator. Runs the week to week operations of the site. Reports to the CEO on the status of the Board of Directors and their access levels.

¦ Courts

The KSI court system provides a series of checks and balances on KSI’s leadership team. Members who have been given Blacklists or Do Not Hire statuses can appeal these decisions in KSI’s court system. They may call in witnesses and bring their case for a reduction in penalty or a complete pardon of the decision. All members of the courts are below the rank of Senior Director, so that decisions may be reached impartially based on evidence given. This department allows staff to exercise sound judgment and interpret KSI’s rules and guidelines to make KSI not only a safe place, but a fair and balanced one.


Divisional Security Risk

A divisional security risk is a designation given to a member who was removed from their division because of actions they did that negatively affected their division such as breaking Code of Conduct, threatening members or divisional 7’s staff, etc. Ultimately this member has been deemed a risk to the health of a division by the divisional leader and director but not to the extent that they need to be removed from the community as a whole. 

When a member is security risked by a division, they are still allowed to remain in KSI but within a different division than the one they are security risked from. They are permitted to have no contact or interaction with any member of their former division except during KSI events and unavoidable gatherings such as department meetings or lead classes. This designation can only be overturned by the divisional leader and cannot be appealed through the courts system. 

Do Not Hire

This member has been removed from KSI and its divisions. They are not allowed to join any division or program in KSI but they are allowed to play with other members in KSI. In order to return to KSI as a reinstated member, they will have to go to the courts and have a successful appeal.

Individual or Community Security Risk

When a member or community is deemed a risk to members of multiple divisions of KSI, they are deemed a community-wide security risk by the Board of Directors. Harassing, kicking people offline, divisional poaching and leaking personal information are just some of the examples that deem this action. Community wide security risks can only be removed by a successful appeal within the KSI courts system. Communities designated as security risks can only be overturned or removed by the Board of Directors. Further or more extreme offenses can lead to upgrading or being designated as a Blacklisted member or community. You can only remove the blacklist as a member through the court system. 


When a member or community has been deemed too high of a risk to KSI members they are designated as blacklisted by the KSI Board of Directors. The highest divisional 7’s staff member and their director can request the Chief of Staff to look at any available evidence concerning the member’s removal to see if it warrants a potential security risk or in this case, blacklist designation. When a member is blacklisted, they are not permitted to be in or around KSI or KSI programs. All members must remove the blacklisted individual immediately. This is mandatory and not up for interpretation, failure to abide by this policy, can and will result in the removal of that member. 


The act of deliberately enticing or persuading any member of an existing organization to leave the said organization to join yours. This can be both externally or internally in regards to KSI.