KSI’s Awards and Achievements Program (AAP) seeks to promote a positive and rewarding atmosphere within KSI by standardizing the process to request, nominate, and receive awards. The department’s award listing is ever-expanding and members are encouraged to post in the AAP Forums section to take advantage of KSI’s awards system. AAP is a central foundation to KSI’s belief that members should be awarded based on the merit of their contributions to the community. The Department also supports monthly and yearly goals and achievements by offering Of the Month and Of the Year awards.

OTM’s represent KSI’s very best at varying ranks and positions for each month. The OTY’s are reviewed and presented by KSI’s Board of Directors at the annual KSI Awards Show in early January to celebrate those who excelled over the past year.

Whether the award is for having a high gamerscore, being a mentor to members in the community, or going above and beyond to make KSI as great as it is, there are many award options for the members of this community.

Also within AAP is the Divisional Milestone Program, which seeks to apply the award system that’s been established to our divisions. These involve splitting the division, having a certain amount of KSI gamer-tags, and winning a certain amount of Head Hunter games.

The AAP is open to requests from KSI’s member base as to what awards should be added for both individual awards and DMP awards.

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The “Guide To AAP” (List of awards, nomination process and template, etc)

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