The Graphics Department

KSI’s Graphics team provides image and logo editing and design for the benefit of our members. The team takes requests for banners, awards, logos, images, avatars and much more to provide images our members can utilize to show off their KSI pride.

The team works heavily with other departments to provide image services to their projects, as well as with Web Ops to keep our forums looking sharp. The team is also dedicated to training and teaching interested members how to improve with a variety of products, such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Applicants will have tutorials and guides to follow and experts to give them pointers along the way.

Department Head

  • Art Director


  • Graphic Artists
    • Anatomy
    • HuntrX
  • Trial Artists
    • Snyder

Graphics Section

Graphics Request Area

Department Request Area (Heads & Co-Heads)

Graphics Request Form

Graphics Request Rules & Guidelines

1. All requests must be KSI-related. If it is not meant to be used on these forums or for any other KSI-related site, your request will be terminated.

2.1 Starting March 12, 2018, a person requesting MUST have 20 non-spam posts on these forums. This helps minimize forum trolls from using our time to help them with a graphic on another forum, etc. Another benefit of this rule is to encourage activity of KSI members on the forums.

2.2 Members MUST post the proper request form. We’ll keep reminding you to post it. If you don’t want to abide to our guidelines, then don’t ask for our service. Request form can be found here.

3.1 Once a request has been completed (when it is fulfilled or ended due to special circumstances such as disrespect, negligence of rules, etc), the requester MUST wait 2 whole weeks (14 days) before making another request. This is to remind you that we are not your personal design team. We have others requesting our services and this policy is held in fairness.

3.2 Don’t make multiple requests at the same time (banners and other community-wide projects being the only exception). Otherwise our section becomes cluttered and harder to keep track.

4.1 You may only *bump your topic once a day (*bump – post that word or anything else for the purpose of moving your topic to the top of the list / keeping it on the first page). Your request will be terminated if you have multiple “bumps” a day or any unnecessary spam. Anything other than answering questions from the Artists will be considered your bump and/or spam.

4.2 Vice versa, If you make a request but don’t keep yourself updated with the request, it will be closed after 2 weeks of inactivity. For example, you made a request but for some reason it wasn’t fulfilled by any artist and you decided not to bump it for several days. The team managing the request forum will conclude you lost interest in your request and we will close it.

4.3 Do not post in any other request topic. If it isn’t yours, don’t post there. If you have a request open – it will be closed and you will have to wait 2 weeks. If you persist, the moderation team will take further action.

If you have any questions about anything, don’t hesitate to ask us! Send a Personal Message to myself or any other Art Director or Graphic Artist. Most of us Artists have our Discord ID/Skype/MSN/AIM/etc. in our profile as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope for the best in your request.