The Productions Department

Productions is an integral part of KSI’s multimedia umbrella, along with Graphics and News. Within this Department, members can explore the possibilities of live-streaming events to sites such as Twitch, editing together montage and clip packages, working with software to create intros and outros that will be used in videos and much more. The team is also comprised of staff who create long-standing shows and podcasts for KSI’s members to enjoy. Such shows are either streamed on Twitch or recorded and exported to YouTube.

Staff comes from inside and outside of KSI’s Clan Ops. Those involved in KSI’s Clan Ops are able to stream interviews, game play, and game nights involving their divisions, allowing a spotlight to be shined brightly on their members and activity. The team also runs contests such as the Montage Competition which runs monthly. They also solicit short, interesting clips that can be passed along to KSI’s Social Media so those clips can be uploaded onto the community’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

The Productions Department is committed to providing content the community can enjoy both on and off of Xbox.

Department Head


Department Co-Head

  • KSIxAsuma 77

Senior Staff

  • N/A


  • KSI FireHeart 7
  • KSI TyraTreXxuS
  • KSI iChief
  • KSI Drastic#1557
  • KSI Neji
  • KSI Velocity
  • KSI Tyrael 7
  • KSI Legion
  • KSIxGrizzly23


  • KSI Soap 7