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NEW AAP Meta Awards!

Members can now earn Meta Awards for the number of awards they already have! Go to the AAP section to post your nominations starting Saturday, November 3rd!

Meta Awards

As we all know, the AAP Department issues many awards. Some are based on contributions to the community. Some are based on the number of forums posts a member has or their current gamerscore. Some are given for recruiting or training or mentoring. Suffice it to say, KSI members have the ability to earn lots of awards.

Starting Saturday, the AAP will be releasing “Meta Awards”. These awards are earned based on the current number of awards you ALREADY have! They are tiered as well – which means the more awards you rack up, the more Meta Awards you can apply for as time goes by. And yes, once you receive them, Meta Awards do count toward your total award amount.

Release Date

  • Saturday 11/03/2018

Head to the AAP Section to post your nominations!

Meta Award Tiers

  • 5 Awards – Legen-
  • 10 Awards – Ripple Effect
  • 15 Awards – On Point
  • 20 Awards – Round of Applause
  • 30 Awards – Three Cheers
  • 40 Awards – Award Hobbyist
  • 50 Awards – Highest of Fives
  • 60 Awards – IA?a??i-C? Awards
  • 70 Awards – Award Senpai
  • 80 Awards – Big Kahuna
  • 90 Awards – Over Achiever
  • 100 Awards – Dary

When applying for Meta Awards, members will also be permitted to request one Staff Award per Meta Award tier they earn. The Staff Awards can be found here – AAP Awards List (you’ll find the Staff Awards group toward the bottom).

As with any AAP award, members must use the proper application form when nominating themselves for an award. When applying for Meta Awards, please be sure to list every award tier below the one you are applying for (Unless you have already been awarded the lower tiers). Please keep in mind, Meta Awards are self-nomination only!

Meta Award Application


Link to Forums Account:A?



All Lower Award Tier(s):

Requested Staff Award(s):


For more information, please contactA?KSI RiiOT 7A?orA?KSI Kalakoi 77. Good luck!

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