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Spirit Week 2022: Day 5 Re-cap

Did you miss out on Day 5 of Spirit Week, and the Closing Ceremonies from the Board of Directors? Well we have the scoop for you!

As all good things do, Spirit Week 2022 came to a close on Sunday, June 26, but not without some major events happening. With the MLB Homerun Derby and Splitgate closing out our games, everyone was on the edge of their seats. The Board of Directors even came out to show some love and run the Closing Ceremonies. If you weren’t able to make it, go check out the streams on our Twitch channel: KSILive.

MLB Homerun Derby


  • KSI Akame 77
  • KSI SubZero


  • KSIxAsuma 77

News Rep:

  • KSI Hatter77

LC Rep:

  • KSI SubZero
  • KSI ATH3NA 7

Day 5 kicked off with the MLB Homerun Derby running the show. Now this event is a first for KSI, but you would have thought it has been happening for ages. Many members came out swinging for the fences, trying to get that longshot homerun. The object of the game was to hit as many homeruns in a 4 minute time period. If a member tied, the longest hit homerun would get the placement. At the end of each game, the member with the lowest amount of homeruns would be eliminated, until the final 3 were left.

When the top 3 members were left, the game really got lit. All members would go head to head, swinging as fast as they could, with the precision of a sharp shooter. After the 4 minute slugfest was over, a defeat was given, while the top 2 swung for the finals. It was an absolutely intriguing game, to say the very least!

The Podium:

First Place: KSI DropShot 7 (ES)

Second Place: KSIxGrizzly23 (WD)

Third Place: KSIxAsuma 77 (ES)

Honorable Mentions:

  • KSI BigMack92 (WD)
  • KSI D TuRtL3 (CS)
  • KSI Twizzy (CS)

Splitgate: 4v4 Shotty Snipes

Closing out Day 5 of Spirit Week was Splitgate, and it was a splitting headache. Several issues happened within the game, none of which was any of the members faults. Now, for those who don’t know much about Splitgate, it’s pretty interesting. Imagine that Halo and Portal got together and had a kid, well they named it Splitgate. You can throw irritating portals on walls to jump through, all while lobbing grenades and fluttering by with a jet pack. Sounds cool right? Not if you don’t know how to really play it!

Splitgate came as a best of 1 match, double elimination game. Basically, if a team lost a match, they had a chance at redemption in the losers bracket. And a come back we did have! KSI Cozy’s team from ES lost in the second round of Splitgate. They drove through the losers bracket like madmen to take on KSI PathFndr’s team from WD in the winners circle. To win it all, Cozy’s team would have to defeat PathFndr’s team not once, but twice to win it all. At the end of the day, PathFndr’s team kept on with their winning streak and won in the first match.

The Podium:

First Place:

  • KSI PathFndr (WD)
  • KSI OddBa11 (WD)
  • TenShark5656744 (WD)
  • KSI Efne13 (WD)

Second Place:

  • KSI Cozy (ES)
  • KSI BLKJesus (ES)
  • KSI Oni (ES)
  • MaxKilledU1 (ES)

Third Place:

  • KSI Uppish 7 (CS)
  • KSI Sleepy (CS)
  • KSI Pastries 7 (CS)
  • KSI Koda (CS)

Honorable Mentions:

  • Alphatron 7 (ES)
  • KSI Gorum (ES)
  • KSI Syn (ES)
  • OTG Bubbles2 (ES)
  • KSI Joker (ES)
  • KSI Blast (ES)
  • TribalBloodWing (ES)
  • KSI Atom 7 (WD)
  • KSI BigMack92 (WD)
  • KSIJester (WD)
  • KSIxSnoopxDOGG (WD)
  • KSI NoBe (WD)
  • KSI Holy (WD)
  • KSIharlequin (WD)
  • KSI Hatter77 (WD)

Forums Challenge

As per the usual, the Forums Challenge was a hot hitting area on our last day of Spirit Week. It was a neck and neck race between ES and WD, with ES taking the lead mid morning. With the polls closing at 8pm EST, it was anyone’s win between these 2 Divisions. Many of their members were coming to show some major love in a mad dash to the finish line. Ultimately, when the clock struck 8, WD won the Forums Challenge.

The Podium:

First Place: Wicked Destruction with 131 Votes

Second Place: Eternal Souls with 108 Votes

Third Place: Chaos Syndicate with 88 Votes

Big shout out to all of the members within KSI who came out to vote for their respective divisions! The love shown will always be remembered!

The Promotions

With every major Annual Event, KSI announces promotions. In good ol Spirit Week fashion, these promotions were HUGE! Big shoutout to all of those who were promoted up. You’re hard work and dedication within KSI is what makes everything work so well!

Clan Operations Promotions:

  • KSI Slick 7 – Senior Director

Department Operations Promotions:

  • KSI Paradox 7 – Dept Head of AAP
  • KSI Hatter77 – Dept Head of News
  • KSI LEGION – Co-Head of Productions

Head Promotions:

  • KSI Tea 7 – Head Department Manager
  • KSI Bane 7 – Head Media Officer
  • KSI Sleepy – Head of Education

Board of Directors:

  • KSI ATH3NA 7 – Chief Strategic Officer

King and Queen

When it comes to Spirit Week, a massive amount of preparation goes into making everything just click. Whether it be making the gamenights, putting together all hosts, or making sure a division has all teams put together. Now, I know this sounds super easy, but trust you me it’s far from that. Countless hours were put into Spirit Week run as smoothly as possible. Then add on all of the shoutouts to each respective department and division to push the event. It’s a hard job, but these guys made it look super easy, minus all the silvery, grey hairs they obtained in the process! Congratulations to these members on making Spirit Week King and Queen, and for everything you did to make things run as smooth as possible!

  • KSI Akame 77
  • KSI Bane 7
  • KSI ATH3NA 7
  • KSI Hatter77

KSI Hall of Fame

During the hustle and bustle of gaming, members tend to make an impression on others. These members help where they can, do what’s asked of them, and all around make KSI an amazing community to be a part of. When someone mentions these members, most people instantly know who they are. These are the guys have touched KSI in the most influential, and personal ways. When a member reaches that status, they get inducted into the Hall of Fame. Congratulations to all of these KSI members, without you all, our awesome community wouldn’t be so awesome!

The Inductees

KSI PandaLeafy

Everywhere PandaLeafy goes people know who he is immediately. Panda has adapted to wherever he goes, is well known through his division, and is easy to get along with. He is always looking out for the members and helping out where he can either by hanging out with people that feel lonely, helping people get xbox live, or even buying people games just so they can have more people to play with.

He hosts gamenights just so members can play games, hang out, and have something to do together even though he decided a while ago that he didn’t want to be an officer anymore. He is one of the most active members that KSI has and is always supporting the events thats are hosted by cheering on his division as their mascot. He is always trying to do something for someone else and he is a true embodiment of the core values of KSI. Please welcome to the KSI Hall of Fame KSI PandaLeafy.

KSI DarkAngeI 7

Recruited into DR 6/10/14
Achieved Co-Div Rank
Created Crimson Dawn
Web Ops Hall of Fame 2022
Forums Staff OTY

This Hall of Famer was originally recruited into Divine Reign on 6/10/14. They were a part of a few divisions DR, DM, CD, DW,and ES where they held officer ranks and were outstanding in said ranks. I met this member in 2018 and my initial thoughts were man, this person is so rude. But I learned over time this wasn’t the case because they were actually a very nice and caring person, even if they say they aren’t. They’ve been in every aspect of the Community Clan, Department, and Web Ops. But speaking of Web Ops they became a part of Web Ops in 2020 where they climbed the ranks to eventually getting to Senior Forums Mod where they are a Hall of Famer for that area. So now it’s my pleasure to formally induct KSI DarkAngel 7 into the KSI Hall of Fame. 

KSI Bane 7

Original Recruit Date 11/29/2014
Original Div DR,  Been apart of MP, FI, DW, DM, WD, ES
General of Kingdom DR, Samurai DW
Has achieved success in many areas of the community

This Hall of Fame Inductee was recruited into DR on 11/29/2014. Throughout their time here they’ve been in multiple divisions from MP, FI, DW, DM, WD, CS, and ES they’ve even joined XGN. But in their time here they’ve achieved great success along the way from being a General in DR a General in DW as well as CoFounder in the same division. While we’re on the subject of 7s rank they’re a former head of Productions a Former Senior Forums Mod. One of the few to achieve a 7 in three areas of the community but also to achieve Hall of Fame in Clan, Department and Web Ops so it is my honor to induct KSI Bane 7 into the KSI Hall of Fame but also congratulate him on his Promotion to HMO (Head Media Officer)

KSI Slick 7

Recruited in SL on 8/28/19
3x Director of The Month 
SL Divisional Hall of Famer
Director Of The Year 2021

I have been over this individual since he got recruited into KSI. This member has been through obstacles over the past year bouncing around from Div to Div as assigned to help guide and give input to the division he is over. His willingness to want to help others, even with the busy schedule that he has, is truly amazing. He is great in giving advice, and has an open mind when it comes down to members coming to him with issues or ideas. That’s what makes this member great, and I want to help announce that KSI Slick 7 will be inducted into the KSI Hall of Fame.

KSI Akame 77

Recruited: 11/30/14
Achieved Rank of Div Lead
Spirit Week King
Department Staff OTM
Member OTM
Department Hall of Fame

This individual first joined the community nearly 8 years ago, and has been everywhere and done everything during their time here. Even through all of his trials and tribulations, this man never failed to come back better and stronger than before, even after being wrongfully DNH’d. This man has climbed the clan ops ranks multiple times, reaching the rank of Division Leader and then coming back up the ranks multiple times to reach General again. It doesn’t matter what we try and do, we just can’t seem to get rid of him. Even to this day he continues to impress me through his work in T&E and with Annual Events, always putting his best foot forward for this community. So it is my honor to formally induct KSI Akame 77 into the KSI Hall of Fame. 

KSI Uppish 7

Uppish is a man who has faced many obstacles while in KSI, yet he has persevered through the tough times and impacted almost every area of the community. While there were many obstacles in each area Uppish had to face, the most challenging obstacles would have been in clan ops.  It seemed like no matter what he did he just couldn’t get that extra push for something he deserved. He was constantly getting overlooked for a promotion even when his squad was extremely successful.

Although he was a little frustrated, he didn’t let this deter him, and he continued to be motivated and worked his butt off. He sat in the position of general for a full year as he watched people get promoted above him with less squad officers, less activity in their squads, and less active schedules, but instead of quiting or giving up he persevered and became one of a few people to help create a new division, which is the only new division in the last couple of years. He prospered in that new division and has recently earned another clan ops promotion to director.

Uppish has been involved with numerous areas in the community and been successful in all. He was in HSI/HD, the former Head of the News Department, one of the longest time members of AAP, and an original member of the LC. Currently, he has a strong presence in clan ops as a director, LC, and is the Co-Head of AAP. Please welcome to the KSI Hall of Fame KSI Uppish 7.


KSIXRONLX67X7 was recruited into KSI on 6/14/2014  He was the Gen of Abaddon, and a Cofounder in WD. He was a kind hearted, laidback, down to earth guy, and someone you wouldn’t wanna mess with. Ron was involved in multiple aspects of the community from Clan, Department and Web Ops.

Looking back on some of Ron’s posts on the forums because he was all over the place, it didn’t matter if it was his Divisional Sections other Divisions General Chats etc he was all over the place so when looking into his post there is one that suited him well. “My favorite memory would have to be the day I joined KSI. Being older and working with a handicap does not bother other KSI members; they are willing to help no matter what. KSI is a wonderful group of people, do not know about the directors but that’s cool. The ones I have interacted with are great and I want to see KSI keep growing”.

And how true those words are today when we look at this whole community now with that being said it is the Board of Directors pleasure to formally induct the KSI Grandpa into the KSI Hall of Fame for the legacy he left behind. Much love Ron we miss you and you will never be forgotten.

Now, for those who knew who Ron was, and there are many of us, we have some news! The AAP dept got together and had a brainstorming session with what they could do to celebrate Ron in any aspect. Knowing how Ron LOVED to color code his stuff on the forums, it was a no brainer. AAP was kind enough to put together an AMAZING award in honor of Ron. So, for those who knew him, head to the AAP Dept on the forums and apply for his award: Mr. Color Code.

Spirit Week Winners

As Spirit Week came to an end, the winner’s were announced. Now, before we go any further, everyone who participated was a winner in there selves. Showing up to an event and putting yourself out there, while going out and repping your div in the forums poll is an upstanding achievement, and for that we thank you.

Throughout all of Spirit Week, every division made some massive moves in all areas. But one seemed to stick out the most. Whether it be during all games played, or irritating their members so much to go vote on the forums, this division was everywhere. Losing doesn’t come very easy to this div, as they are the former Spirit Week winners, and have an edgy “rep to protect”. This rep might make them a little rough around the edges, and a little sweaty, but at the end of the day they are just members who like to game…..hard. Drum roll please …………………………………………….. Congratulations to WICKED DESTRUCTION for winning Spirit Week!!!!!!!!

The Podium:

First Place:

With 71 Points

Second Place:

With 48 Points

Third Place:

With 44 Points

With the final point scorings in the books, the Div Cup point totals have been added. Updating that list gives us the following placements:

First Place: Wicked Destruction

Second Place: Chaos Syndicate

Third Place: Eternal Souls

Make sure you all are going out repping your divs in future events, as those points really do equal up!

Looking Forward

As Spirit Week rolls to an end, we would like to take a moment to once again thank everyone for showing their love and support. Whether you’re a member who played in the games, an affiliate coming to show support, or a team member from a dept, thank you ALL! Without you guys coming and showing up, we wouldn’t have Spirit Week. Congratulations to everyone who got promoted and inducted into the Hall of Fame too!

Thank you to Tournaments and Events for getting all of the games for events set up. To Productions for making sure all games had streamers, if the option was available. Thank you to News for coverage and commentary over each of the games played. To Graphics, thanks for those snazzy pictures utilized by the News Team. Thank you to the Leadership Council for bringing the community together and making sure everything was on point and ready to go. Last, but certainly not least, thank you to AAP for all of the beautiful awards given during Spirit Week!

Donors Event Weekend

As we move forward through the summer, we look forward to our next Annual Event: Donors Event. To become a donor, you can donate 10$ via the Twitch channel, (both bits and subs), or donate to KSI via the forums. After you donate, screen shot your proof and head over to the AAP section for your award. If you have yet to do this, DO IT NOW! This gets you entry into the Donors Events! Until then, stay safe, enjoy your Fourth of July, (if you’re American and celebrate it), and we hope to see you all around in our other events held! From all of us in the News Team, God Bless and Good Day!

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