Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

IF your Job was a D&D Class, what Class would it be?

If you could describe your job as a D&D class, what class would it be? A class includes a subclass as well.

Like the title says if your IRL job was a D&D Class(es), what would they be? For those of you not familiar with D&D, Character classes are broken down into two parts: the primary class (ex. Fighter, Wizard, Rogue) and the subclass (ex. For Rogue is Assassin, Thief, Mastermind). Here are a few responses from around the community!

KSI Bacchus

Circle of Land Druid & Forge Domain Cleric. As a member of the grounds crew and maintenance, Circle of Land is to keep the grounds looking good and Forge Domain is to keep the buildings and equipment running.

KSI LordAlcarin

Wild Magic Sorcerer & Battle Master Fighter. My job is unpredictable, and sometimes it takes me directions I can’t expect. Sometimes it throws me curveballs that are a pain in the butt, but sometimes it’s easy. I’m always having to control the situation at home. It’s just how it is. As a battle master, I can manipulate pretty much my entire environment to help me complete my goals, which suits me perfectly with my real life.

KSI Celebi

Horizon Walker Ranger & Circle of Land Druid. I work two jobs. My primary job would be a Horizon Walker because it keeps me on the road during the week seeing new places. My weekend job would be Circle of Land as it has me fixing yards.


Circle of Land Druid. Circle of Land as my job revolves around repairing and changing peoples’ yards.


College of Lore Bard & Artificer. Both of these classes, as my job, have me talking to customers everyday and helping them with their tech problems.

KSI Tubular

Circle of Land Druid. It’s only a part time job, but working with the environment to help keep it clean and healthy would probably best fit with Circle of Land Druid.

KSI Uppish 7

Battle Smith Artificer & Monster Hunter Ranger. Battle Smith Artificer because my job is the maintenance and upkeep of the machinery in the ware house in order to keep the whole place running, and Monster Hunter Ranger because I end up hunting and fighting cardboard every day.

If you wish to give your answer as well but aren’t familiar with D&D, here is a handy link to help you out.

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