Fri. May 24th, 2024

Officer Spotlight: KSI BlkJesus

Ever wonder what goes on in the day of an ES officer? The News Team sure did! Come see what we found out about KSI BlkJesus, from Kraken!

KSI BlkJesus is one of the funniest people I have met in a while. His personality was electric even when I was yelling at my dogs during the interview! KSI BlkJesus is LT in Kraken ES. He does an amazing job and is loved by all his members and leaders. He has done so much for his division and will continue to improve and move up in this community!

What do you love most about being an officer?

It’s pretty fun. It’s pretty interesting and it allows you to learn more about the community. I get to hang out with other members that you wouldn’t see if you were just a regular member.

What is the most difficult part about your job?

The most difficult part of the job is probably not falling asleep during it. I am an night owl and I completely forget time is a thing! I stay up late and I might sleep for 12 hours. Sometimes, this might make me miss something important like a meeting!

Why did you become an officer?

Well, I became an officer because I was thinking “what else can I do for the community?” I put myself to the challenge. I talked to my Gen at the time (Eyo). We talked and I did everything I had to do and now I am here!

Who would you consider your mentors and why?

One I would consider is KSI Mountain Dew. He and I were working side by side. When I originally got my promotion, we had a squad split right after. It was Demoted, Joker, Mount, Eyo, and me. We all got to work. Within the first 24 hours, Mountain Dew and I got to transfer half the squad with the help of the other officers. I learned a lot on the job during that time.

What’s one thing to do to try and get members voices heard?

Usually, I am all over the place. I tend to party hop a lot! In the discord, I’ll ask for members’ input like “what you want to see as a game night/ event?” I do my best to ask members what they want to see from us. Then, I bring that up to my fellow officers. I make sure I am in contact with the members and the officers, equally. I want the members to have a good time.

What advice would you give an SSGT who is looking to take your spot?

All I can say is make sure you don’t slow down, and ask for advice! Don’t go in blind, ask questions, and always make sure to talk with the rest of the officers staff. You also have to self-evaluate and make sure it’s something you’re really ready for moving up. If you need help please ask for it! The officer staff you work with are there to help you and you should trust them! Your officer stuff is always the most important. You want to make sure you are comfortable with all your officer staff. You want to make sure you are open-minded and you’re doing the best you can.

What is one of your goals for the rest of the year?

My goal for the rest of the year is to have more fun. Making sure I am doing the best I can no matter my rank and even outside the community. I make music and I am constantly trying to improve myself through my craft.

Overall, the News Team is so proud and honored to have interviewed him. We are so excited to see what he will do in this community and how he will only improve as an officer.

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