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Turkey Bowl 2022 Recap

Another Turkey Bowl down in the books! Either having your fill of stuffing or fun, this Turkey Bowl will be another one to remember!

With the end of Turkey Bowl, we tend to fall down and become comatose from both competition and food. As many know, Turkey Bowl is a 3-day fun packed event that happens around the time of Thanksgiving for those of us in America.

Golf With Friends

Friday night was the start of the festivities with Golf with Friends. One of those casual games with those that you think may be your friends? Hmm. Being a free-for-all every single person came with their A-game.

Top 6 players

1st place: TEXASxTACO
2nd place: KSI Swag 77
3rd place: HungryFatKid
4th place: KSI Driftish
5th Place: KSI TyraTreXxus
6th place: KSIKillerCrock

Apex Speedrun Trios

The final game of Friday night came in the form of Apex Speedrun Trios. These members were great in this competition and it was well deserved!

Top 5 finish

1st place: KSI Starfire, KSI Sasuke08, KSI DarkWolf#281
2nd place: KSI MegatoN, KSIKillerCrock, RapidWorm2576
3rd place: KSI Akame 77, MATCHBOXX420, KSI SubZero

Fall Guys

Saturday was fraught with hiccups but still full of fun! These players trudged on and played their heart, laughing all the way to the finish line. Kudos to them! Especially with 3rd place going to a 3 way tie!

1st place: KSI Nugget65
2nd place: KSI JaxyBoi
3rd place: HungryFatkidl, KSIJester#3812, KSI Swag 77

Overwatch 2

One of the newer games out there comes to our tournament halls! Overwatch 2 is a hot contender to the those that wish to be competitors.

OW2 Winners

1st place: KSIJester#3812, KSI xShooter, KSI Enderx, KSI Togax
2nd place: KSI Driftish, KSIKillerCrock, TEXASxTACO, KSI BigMack 92

GTA 5 Transformer Races

For the first game of the last day, we return to the current sin city of all consoles: Grand Theft Auto V. These guys raced their heart out and it showed, too.

Top 3

1st place: KSI Nugget65
2nd place: KSI Uppish 7
3rd place: KSI JaxyBoi

Modern Warfare II 4v4 Search & Destroy

The final event of the comatose festival is possibly one to give you a coma, depending on how hard you go! Modern Warfare 2 just hit shelves and has been the end-all game to be on. These members show just how sweaty you can get! Even the developers get in on the rush!

1st place: Chaos Syndicate, Eternal Souls, and Wicked Destruction
Last Place: Dev Errors (lol)

Forums Challenge

The end of Turkey Bowl usually means the end of festivities. That also means the closing of the Forums Challenge. Every one came out enforce to show their support for their home division. This year was well fought, in all avenues.

1st place: Wicked Destruction
2nd place: Chaos Syndicate
3rd place: Eternal Souls


KSI Hatter77 to Assistant Mentor for the Education Department
KSI Jewels to Mentor for the Education Department
KSI Shatner 7 to Mentor of the Education Department
KSI Subzero to Co-Head of AAP

There weren’t just cutthroat competition out there Turkey Bowl weekend. There were also things to celebrate! Ceeelebrate good times, come on! No? Keep my day job? Yeah, I guess I may need to. To all those that were promoted on Sunday, congratulations! And a big thank you to all of the members and departments who came out to make this event happen! If you missed out on any of it, head over to our Twitch to catch all the streamed entertainment!

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