Week in Review: September 7-13

Another week, another Week in Review. Check out the KSI News Team’s content from the last week!

Hello, KSI. It’s been one hell of a week, right? I hope each and every one of you got Destiny. That game is balls to the wall entertainment for the whole family.

But while I’ve been busy playing Destiny, and you’ve been busy hopefully playing Destiny, this awesome News Staff has been working to provide y’all with the best KSI-centered News content you’re ever going to find.

We even received a couple applications to join this week, so hopefully in the next few days you’ll hear about some new additions to our team!

But as for the current staff, lets go over the past week.

Sunday, Sept. 7- “Regicide Weekend Warfare Recap” – Laffy

Monday, Sept. 8- “Gear up for Destiny” – Tempah

Tuesday, Sept. 9- “World of Tanks Review” – Laffy

Wednesday, Sept. 10- “Xbox One Games & DLC Upgrades” – Scotland

Thursday, Sept. 11- “Impy’s LeaderShop: Destiny” – Impy

Friday, Sept. 12- “The Importance of Gamenights” – Scotland

Saturday, Sept. 13- “A Look at Assassin’s Creed Desmond Saga: Part 1” – Itherael

So, there you go. There’s our Week in Review! It’s been another good week. We have provided the KSI community with daily content for almost two-straight months now and we hope you all are enjoying our content and spreading the word.

If you like something, let us know. If you don’t like something, respectfully contribute something constructive to us.

And of course, if you want to take part in this amazing department, submit an application to become a writer or submit a contribution to either Impy or Scotland.

Remember, it’s KSI News for KSI Members. MAKE IT YOURS.

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