A Look at Assassins Creed Desmond Saga: Part 1

Hello all and welcome to part 1 of what I will be calling The Desmond Saga, this is to celebrate one of Assassin’s Creed’s most important protagonist, Desmond Miles, who as of Assassins Creed 3 is no longer with us.

So I thought it would be nice to go back in time and talk about the games he appeared in and what changes over the years, so lets get to it.

Desmond Miles, a bartender from Las Vegas, has been kidnapped by a mysterious global corporation named Abstergo Industries.

When he arrives at a unknown location, he is made to use a device now popular to the series called a Animus, which allows you to replay memories of long dead ancestors by using his DNA.

In this game they are wanting Desmond to relive the memories of a Levantine Assassin during the third crusade named Altair Ibn La Ahad, While using this strange device that he is using.

His ancestor memories show Altair trying desperately to stop Robert de Sablé (The head of the Templars during this time) from stealing a weird and old artifact from an ancient temple.

During his attempt to retrieve it, he broke all of the Assassin Brotherhood’s rules that they must live by, disgracing his name as well as the assassins.

Al Mualim, the mentor of the assassins, places Altair to the lowest rank of the brotherhood, and gives him the task of finding and killing nine Templars, for his status as a master assassin can be restored as well as his honor.

As he kills the nine one by one, he finds out that they were apart of a group who were trying to find what was called “Pieces of Eden” in the holy lands, The pieces look the same as the artifact that de Sablé stole from the beginning of the story.

After finding De Sablé guarded, he quickly dispatches them, but to his disappointment finds it is not him, but his steward named Maria hidden in his armour as a decoy, as she is prepared to die for her cause, she wants Altair to continue with the assassination on her and end her life.

But surprisingly instead he spares her and walks away.

Finally Altaïr learns of his true location and is ready to kill him, But finds him with King Richard and accuses Robert of Treason for the Templar cause.

Not sure who to pick sides and who is telling the truth. He decides that the Lord should decide by having them ensure in a duel per say.

Altaïr defeats his long time foe, who as he is laying in the dirt, dying that there was ten who knew of the artifact, not nine. Altair questions him asking who is the final Templar, he reveals it was Al Mualim.

Returning to the Assassins home of Masyaf,  Altaïr finds his mentor in the possession of the artifact that is able to bend the wills of people minds making them his slaves.

Altaïr is troubled, when he is forced to fight his brothers and the innocent civilians of his home who are under the control of the artifact.

With assassins who have not been affected by this and are true to their creed, he is able to reach Al Mualim, he then begins to fight his former teacher who uses the apple to try to confuse Altair.

He eventually sees through the lies of the artifact by zoning out the projections, he ends his life. After walking to the artifact to secure it, He see’s it display multiple locations on a map of the earth revealing locations of more artifacts and relics .

Moments after this happens, it places us back in the real world where Desmond is brought out of the Animus because he has served the purpose he was brought to fulfil. In a shocking twist he learns that Abstergo are the modern day equivalent of the Templars.

Abstergo will now use the locations that were shown to Desmond though Altair to find the artifacts around the world, due to the prophecy of the world ending in 2012, they believe if they control the world with the artifacts they can prevent this.

After standing up he notices symbols painted in blood that he is able to see because of the bleeding effect and he wonders to his room where the wall is covered with symbols and clues about the last test subject, as well as the knowledge he wanted to pass on to the next subject, Subject 17: Desmond Miles of the supposed end of the world.

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