Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

The Importance of Gamenights

Scotland looks at why gamenights are important.

I was approached a few weeks ago by a brand new recruit and asked the question “Why are gamenights so Important?”

If I am honest, I was quite surprised at the question. I did think everyone would understand why they are so important, but apparently not, and that is what inspired me to write this article. So hopefully this will reveal some hidden information about them!

The most obvious reason that comes to mind first is that you get to meet new people! Isn’t that what we all joined KSI for? To meet new people, make new friends.

When members are looking to move up the ranks, gamenights can be a huge, huge way to help them move upwards and forwards. If that is hosting the gamenights or just attending, the dedication shines on these members.

Another reason, and the main reason(in my opinion) is activity! That one thing you measure how strong a squad is. So that does make it important? Of course it does, without activity we wouldn’t have any squads, nor a gaming community.

When new recruits attend a gamenight to see what kind of gamenights your squad has, it can make or break their decision to stay in KSI or not.

Now, something that I strive to do within my KSI day is to attend gamenights, Its not a requirement of my position however they are fun. I enjoy going to them and meeting all of the people within squads.






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