Regicide Weekend Warfare Recap

KSI Lafayette covered last night’s Weekend Warfare event on Halo 4. Who won? Check it out.

Tonight was Weekend Warfare. It was a 4v4 Team Regicide on Halo 4, populated by 5 great teams.

The Team Captains included- KSI Jacen Kayos, KSI CrimsonWolf, KSI MightyMau5, KSI RAMPAGE5, and the Co-Division Leader of LS, KSI Sinister 7.

Since there were five teams signed up, one had to stay behind for a couple round, until a team was eliminated and the number became even.

KSI CrimsonWolf and his group faced off against the LS Co-Div, Sinister 7, and his team, fighting hard on the map Haven, with Crimson coming out on top 610-425.

KSI Jacen Kayos and his team also stood toe to toe with KSI Rampage5 and his battle buddies, with Kayos coming out the winner in a slightly closer 605-495.

KSI MightyMau5 and his Team were held back in this round due to uneven number, so his team recieved an automatic 1-0 score.

Round Two started off with the most one-sided victory of the night on Adrift, with KSI Jacen Kayos defeating KSI MightyMau5 and his team 600-345.

Sinister 7 and his team squared off against KSI Ramapge5 with his. Sinister and his team were defeated in an action-packed game, with Rampage claiming victory 610-385

Round Three then took place on the map Abandon, where the teams of Jacen Kayos and CrimsonWolf butted heads, but Kayos and his compatriots came out the clear winners, 600-430.

KSI Rampage5 and his team, facing elimination, fought tooth and nail against KSI MightyMau5 and his assassins, but ultimate MightyMau5 and his team prevailed in an extremely close 605-580 game.

Round Four gets us back to an uneven number of teams due to MightyMau5 and his fellow Mighty Mice being elimated. KSI Jacen Kayos and his team were held back in this round.

KSI MightyMau5 and his battle-hardened team faced off against KSI CrimsonWolf, both teams facing elimination if defeated. KSI CrimsonWolf and his team pulled out all the stops and gained a 600-485 victory on Solace.

THE FINAL ROUND. With CrimsonWolf and his team holding a record of 2-1, and Jacen Kayos and his holding an undefeated 4-0, CrimsonWolf and his team need to win two matches to claim Final Victory, with Jacen Kayos and his team only needing one more victory to win the tournament.

The two teams faced off on Shutout, with both teams fighting extremely hard. KSI CrimsonWolf and his team came out with a stunning and very close 600-530 victory, tying both teams up in terms of losses…whoever wins the next one will be crowned this weeks Weekend Warfare Champions.

The final match of the night starts on Relay, a map that’s right smack dab in the middle of an asteroid field. Both teams yet again fought valiantly, but KSI Jacen Kayos and his team rallied, defeating their opponents with a massive score of 605, to CrimsonWolf and his teams 365.

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