Gear Up For Destiny

Destiny officially releases tonight at midnight. Tempah is psyched. Are you?

For the last year, myself and many other KSI members have been waiting for the moment Destiny to launch.  Well tonight at 12 a.m., that dream will become reality.  I remember reading all the articles I could about the game from magazines to various articles on the internet.

From my time playing the Destiny Beta in late July, I got a little taste of what this game is all about.  I like to say its a mash up of Halo meets Borderlands and then brings Call of Duty along with.  The first person shooter Destiny has you control looks a lot like Halo with the shield your guardian has and the melee button being exactly the same in Halo.

Also some of the enemies you encounter act like Elites from Halo in which they have shields you have to bring down and they love to dodge your grenades like any good Elite.

The weapons in the game are a mix of weapons from both Halo and Call of Duty with the semi-auto rifle feeling like a DMR and the auto-rifles and machine guns feeling like any COD assault rifle.  You can earn more powerful guns as your level up through the game just like in Borderlands.

Not only do you get better weapons while leveling up, but you also earn powerful armor  for your guardian so your guardian can endure more punishment from enemies in the campaign and free roam.  I found that playing the game more and more helped more earn some of the rarer armor.

I thought all these features are awesome because I do like having a game that has good replay value and if you have a chance at earning better loot for your guardian, it will motivate you to play the game.

When I was progressing through the campaign by myself  it got challenging at times especially during the Devil’s Liar mission.  So I highly suggest before embarking on the campaign to bring at least one friend along for the ride.  Besides playing a game with friends always makes it more enjoyable.

Now the multiplayer in Destiny is in my opinion simply awesome.  Named the Crucible, Destiny’s multiplayer seems to be set on various planets you visit from the campaign/free roam modes.

Now you could only play a couple maps in the Beta and only one game type which was Destiny’s version of domination.  All the weapons seemed to be pretty average, no gun except the special guns were overpowered.  It was a great feature to add your guardian’s super ability to the multiplayer mode such as the Hunter’s Golden Gun ability so that you could earn yourself a quick multi-kill.

I also found that playing as a team in the multiplayer was a big factor in winning because lone wolfing it was not cutting it and always made the team I was on as the losers.

I believe Destiny has a ton to offer any gamer that is willing to play and try this game once it comes out and I know I will be enjoying every minute of it.

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