Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

Xbox One Game & DLC Upgrades

KSI Scotland 7 looks at the new upgrade feature for the Xbox One.

The Xbox One, the most recently released console from Microsoft. Many gamers have had the thought go through their heads, something along the lines of “I am not getting the new because I would loose my games collection”.

That is true, you wouldn’t have every single game you have collected over the years. There is a solution though.

So far there has been a trend developing with the newer games that have come out.

Minecraft recently came out for the Xbox One. I recently wrote an article about this event and something I touched base on was the fact that if you had played Minecraft on your Xbox One, you could “upgrade” for a small price of $5.

After Minecraft came out and, I personally sat and played for hours – I thought about all the DLC I had purchased on my 360- So I went to check If I had to repurchase it and behold, it was free!

Destiny. Yes, I understand you get excited over that one word however the upgrade seems to be the same for this game.

If you purchase a digital copy of Destiny on the Xbox 360 – and also own an Xbox One – “Upgrade” and get Destiny for nothing until January 2015,!

Most people would shake their heads and ask why you would get two copies of one game, not everyone has the Xbox one, or they may have only got the game on that console, so this gives you access to all of your Xbox gaming friends!

It does give me a good feeling about moving forwards into the future of the Next Generation console with these game upgrades.

On the flip side is this a method Microsoft are going to use to slowly phase out the Xbox 360? Or is this them just being kind people and giving us what we paid for?

Regardless, I love it and I hope you guys do too!

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