Week in Review: August 11-17

Here we go again with another installment of the KSI News Week in Review.

Here we go again with another installment of the KSI News Week in Review.

It’s been another very active week for the News Team and I feel as if everyone has put in great work to provide the best content possible for KSI.

How about we give you the run-down of last week’s articles and even give you a sneak peak to this coming week’s content?

First, the review:

Monday, Aug. 11: “Perseverance: The Story of KSI Predator 7” – Impy

Tuesday, Aug. 12: “A (Video) Interview with KSI Apocawaka 7” – Kazekage

Tuesday, Aug. 13: “T&E’s Weekend Warfare Info/Member Vote” – Impy

Wednesday, Aug. 13: “Dark Legions According to KSI R3B1RTH” – Contributed by KSI R3B1RTH

Thursday, Aug. 14: “Final FantasyX111-3 Lightning Returns Review” – Contributed by KSI Barrykinz

Friday, Aug. 15: “The Future of KSI on Xbox One” – Muramasa

Saturday, Aug. 16: “Looking Forward to Advanced Warfare” – Itherael

Sunday, Aug. 17: “August 16 Weekend Warfare Recap” – Laffy Taffy

We all hope you enjoyed those articles.

Of course, we had two articles contributed by two great KSI members. We still are very thankful for their contributions.

On to what we’re expecting to release to everyone this week.

On Monday, we will have a story about the new Department Head of  Tournaments and Events, KSI Havoc 7.

Also, we will be publishing Kazekage’s interview with Senior Director KSI Paratroop 7. We also expect to have a story about reactions to Call of Duty: Ghosts almost a year after its release and how members view the game.

Don’t forget either about the announcement for Weekend Warfare and the subsequent event recap. We will be announcing the game the community voted to host the Throwback Tourney.

Lastly, I’m very excited to announce what I hope to be an ongoing series for KSI’s current and aspiring leaders. We will unveil “Impy’s LeaderShop” on Thursday. It will be a weekly blog-like post on the varying aspect of being a leader in KSI.

I hope you all had a chance to read our stories from this past week. Did you have a favorite? Let us know.

And for the coming week and following weeks, we hope you tune in each and every day to see our brand new content. Not only that, but remember we are opening up this team to new staff members each and every day and even welcome contributions from KSI’s members. Please take advantage of this if you want your voice heard and want to take a greater part of this community.

As always, remember, this is KSI News. MAKE IT YOURS.

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