Looking forward to Advanced Warfare

The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer trailer was released and Itherael has some thoughts on this upcoming release.

In just less than three months, Activision will be releasing its newest edition to the ever-popular Call of Duty franchise, Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare. However, it’s not just Activision on this project. Sledgehammer games, which quickly rose to fame after being a developer for Modern Warfare 3, was a lead developer in this game.

I will be focusing on the story, the game play and what effect it could have on our community.

First things first, this year’s game has promise because it’s set in a not-so-far away future of 2054. The KVA (which is seen to be the main enemy for this) is a terrorist organization and they start the world’s first and largest attack in the history of the earth by causing destruction to nuclear reactors around the world.

Across the planet, the countries that were attacked found many of their services, including their military forces, were not able to fight the threat from their most devious foe. And through this unfortunate turn of events, power rose to the corporations that have been providing military services for years before and they are now the dominant armed forces to combat the enemy because there is simply no one else.

You play as Jack Mitchell (who is voice by Troy Baker, who voiced the Call of Duty: Black Ops II Navy Seals announcer for multiplayer), a former solider who had lost one of his arms during combat. He goes onto joint the company, Atlas, who is the world largest PMC and has the technology to ensure that placement .

The mind behind the company, Jonathan Irons (who was voiced by Kevin Spacy), begins a war for democracy showing they can do what America and other countries have failed to do for hundreds of years

Exoskeletons have become quite the game changer, but it won’t be like in Titanfall where you are able to run on walls, but you are able to run faster. However, it is run on a battery system.

The different suits have different advantages — some come with a built-in riot shied you are able to deploy on the spot that is able to absorb massive amounts of damage, but will possibly include a feature that shortens it live-span.

An ability featured in the game-play trailer is active camouflage, but it must have a disadvantage to keep it fair. In shades of light it seems to be easily visible, so if you are thinking of using this, remember to use maps to your advantage, especially those with low light

Laser weapons may be a long way away for us, but for Call of Duty universe, it’s just around the corner as these types of weapons have been shown off more as the game comes closer to the release date.

There has also been interesting equipment such as grenades that can immediately scan the room and show enemy’s markers. Kill steaks have also been given a flare, such as the missile strike that takes 10 consecutive kills  to obtain and goes down to earth in a spiral arrangement.

For those who were fond of Golden Eye, there seems to be a  space laser that is demonstrated in images below.

Scanner Grenade:

Missile Strike:

Space Laser:

There is also a sense that some maps have hazards. I can really only reference these hazards to the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. On certain maps in that game, there were things that spiced up the game play. For instance, on one there was a mixture of snow storms that clouded some of the enemy movements. Another map featured a reactor that would need to vent and anyone trapped in the room would go down and need to be revived.

One of the maps in Advanced Warfare seems to have a tsunami that changed half of the map and covers it in water.

You must be thinking to yourself, “How could this affect KSI?”

This game will allow for continuation for the squads that must go to the next game in the cycle, but could bring a bigger sense of fun then the last Call of Duty titles.

The exoskeleton could be used in Michael Myers or Stick and Stones and make it more entertaining.

Hopefully lobby sizes will not be restricted due to the platforms as seen within Call of Duty: Ghosts because the 360 version allowed 12 people in a lobby, whereas the Xbox One allowed lobbies to have 18.

It would possibly improve member satisfaction if it went back to the normal 18 limit on the Xbox 360.

Back to the games, because as a member of a Halo squad, I’m used to a wide variety of games and user-created content. I know map-wise this is not likely to happen on Call of Duty games, but I hope users find a way to make it more fun than the last few titles. Hopefully the developers took this into account.

What are your thoughts about this game? Please feel free to comment below.

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