August 16 Weekend Warfare Recap

Laffy has KSI covered again as he recaps Aug. 16’s Weekend Warfare tournament on Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Laffy Taffy sat in last night’s Weekend Warfare event and has the low down on everything that happened.

The tournament was on Call of Duty: Ghosts and featured the Reinforce playlist.

The rules are as follows: ESports rules, no parties, and double elimination. Hit two losses and you’re eliminated, simple as that. Let’s review what happened last night and discover who came out on top to claim their well deserved bragging rights.

The hosts for the tournament were two well-mannered and respectful member of KSI’s Tournaments & Events Staff, KSI FadeZ 7 and KSI PANTSIR 77.

Four teams made it to the tournament and competed for bragging rights tonight. The teams included such comical names as “The Motherfraggers” and “The McSaltshakers.”

Starting off the night was Reinforce on Octane, with KSI ASSAULT5 representing his team (The McSaltshakers), against KSI DeathHydra and his team, “Incog Scope.”

While this match was commencing, KSI KarmaAntrax (The Motherfraggers) and his team squared off against KSI Red EyEss 7 and his team comically entitled “Taking 3rd.”

The results of the first round of fighting was a 4-3 victory for DeathHydra and a stunning 4-1 victory for Red EyEss and his team of butt-kickers.

That ended the first bracket of matches, and included in the second bracket were two very close and hard-fought battles on Strikezone.

Red EyEss and KSI DeathHyrda’s teams faced off in the Winners Bracket in a very close fight, but Hydra and his team triumphed 4-3.

In the Losers Bracket, the situation was very tense and the fighting brutal as KarmaAntrax and his team faced off against KSI ASSAULT5 and his group, which resulted in ASSAULT triumphing in the end with a similar 4-3 victory.

Due to the double elimination rules of the tournament, KarmaAntrax and his team were eliminated and only three teams remained to fight it out: KSI ASSAULT5’s Team, KSI DeathHydra’s, and KSI Red EyEss 7’s.

Just when everyone though this tournament couldn’t get any more crazy and fun, KSI SwordArt showed up and started Live Streaming via KSI’s Official Twitch Channel,

Due to the uneven number of teams, Red EyEss and his seemingly unstoppable team sat out while ASSAULT and DeathHydra fought tooth and nail on Sovereign. That match came to another heart-pounding end with DeathHydra taking a 4-3 victory, therefore eliminating ASSAULT and his team from the tournament.

With Red EyEss team itching to get back into battle, and DeathHydra’s team ready and rearing for their second bout against “Taking 3rd”, the battle commenced on Warhawk, culminating in another breath-takingly close match, 4-3 for DeathHydra.

With the last match of the night, Red EyEss and his team pulled out all the stops to try and halt the victory of DeathHydra, fighting one of toughest battles I’ve ever seen on the map Chasm, but ultimately DeathHydras team came out on top, 4-2, to claim a well-earned victory at this week’s Weekend Warfare.

Next week, T&E will host a Throwback Tournament on either Halo 3, Halo Reach, Black Ops II or Modern Warfare 3. There is currently a vote up in the Tournaments and Events section of the forums for the KSI members to decide which game will host the tournament.

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