Sitting Down with KSI Havoc 7

KSI Havoc 7 has big shoes to fill as T&E’s new Department Head, but he’s ready to face that challenge and succeed.

By now, everybody knows that KSI PR3DATOR 7 has stepped down from his roles as a Founder in EF and as Department Head over Tournaments and Events. With his departure, however, KSI Havoc 7 is ready to take the reigns of T&E and take it to new heights.

Havoc joined KSI in October 2012. He has spent his entire KSI career in Demonic Mayhem under the leadership of KSI Greg 7 and KSI Jupiter 7.

Within six months of joining KSI, he became a General and moved up to Co-Founder after just five weeks in that position. He remained there for almost a year before becoming Founder and eventually moving up to Co-Division Leader, where he currently sits.

However, during that year as Co-Founder, Havoc saw the possibilities and advantages of spreading his reach in KSI. During last year’s Spirit Week, Havoc was so motivated by what he experienced, he applied to join T&E.

“I competed in Weekend Warfare before and saw it was fun,” Havoc said. “I always wanted to see KSI as a whole instead of just as separate squads and divisions, and during Spirit Week, I saw it as a whole.”

“So I applied to T&E after Spirit Week and got accepted. I was excited for the opportunity.”

Havoc quickly integrated into Predator’s staff and learned first hand the ins-and-outs of running events for this community.

“It’s had its ups-and-downs,” Havoc said. “But it’s been great meeting the challenges. It’s all been worth while and every I can feel good knowing I’m making an impact on this community.”

Havoc was part of Predator’s rejuvenation efforts. Before Predator took over T&E a few short weeks before Spirit Week 2013, T&E was seen as a struggling department that was falling short of expectations.

“When I came into T&E and heard from the older, more veteran members what T&E was like before Predator, it was night and say,” Havoc said. “He revolutionized T&E and it’s intimidating trying to follow in his footsteps. It’s the first time since I’ve been in KSI I’ve felt this kind of pressure to succeed.”

Havoc is no slouch himself, though. Havoc has helped turn DM into a power in Clan-Ops and Predator has long admired Havoc’s initiative and dedication to making KSI better.

“I know he’ll do amazing things with this department,” Predator said. “He was the right choice. Absolutely.”

Predator and Havoc have different approaches to leading the department, however.

“Predator is competitive and into Call of Duty whereas I’m more relaxed and I play a lot of Halo,” Havoc said. “I do it a little more democratically at the expense of more progressive planning.”

What Havoc explains is that Predator had a plan week-to-week for what he wanted. He had a vision and executed it. Havoc wants T&E to be a community-wide experience. These subtle changes are already taking affect.

Havoc and T&E is hosting a Throwback Tournament this weekend and has had a poll open for KSI members to vote on which game they want the tourney to be on. That game will be announced within the next 48 hours to the community.

Also, Havoc has shown his more relaxed and less competitive nature by trying to bring more events into the fold.

“I’ve worked to make it so not every weekend is competitive,” Havoc said. “I worked and helped to bring the Karaoke, Minecraft and Halo racing events to Weekend Warfare.”

Still, Havoc and Predator do share a very important quality. They both want T&E to be an integral part of KSI.

“I don’t want it to be a side thing,” Havoc said. “I want people to get hyped and excited. I want them to mark Saturdays on their calendar and plan to come compete with other people across KSI. I want T&E to be the best it can be and make KSI a better place.”

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