Perseverance: The Story of KSI Predator 7

Two-and-a-half years. Six divisions. Two departments. One legacy.

Two-and-a-half years. Six divisions. Two departments. One legacy.

This is the story of KSI PR3DATOR 7. It’s a story of perseverance and overcoming the challenges and obstacles that KSI provides to become one of KSI’s most well-known leaders.

“Just because things look bad doesn’t mean they will continue being bad,” Predator said. “Just because you’re going through something doesn’t mean you have leave. Keep on going.”

Just 14 years old when he joined KSI, Predator joined into Twisted SH in March 2012. From the moment he joined, Pred knew he was destined to become a leader.

“I joined and the very next day I changed my gamertag and created a forums account,” Predator said. “I was so eager to move up the ranks. I joined on a Wednesday and by Sunday, I was a Lieutenant.”

Wait, what?

“Yeah,” Predator said laughing. “Turns out that wasn’t the right way to rank up, but that’s the way I was trained. It wasn’t until I met KSI iLLuSii0N 7 that I learned the proper rank structure.”

So just four days after joining, Predator was a Lieutenant. Just two weeks after joining, Predator was a Captain in Shadow Rising, a division split from Shadow Haven.

There he became General of Twisted and watched as the division around him crumbled.

“Within about a month, SR dropped to about 150 members,” Predator said. “It was sad, and not too long after, we were merged with Cosmic Equinox to form Altered Vengeance.”

Predator kept working though, persevering through the changes and challenges and became a Co-Founder over AV. He continued charging ahead, eventually moving up to Co-Division Leader.

Still, Predator was just 15 years old. He was the youngest division leader in KSI.

“I didn’t openly talk about my age,” Predator said. “The leaders knew how old I was, but I usually just acted the way I am and people assumed I was older. If they asked, I would tell them. When they found out, I never lost any respect from them. My age was never a problem.”

However, the skies quickly darkened for Predator and AV when the division disintegrated. Predator moved to Divine Reign to become a Co-Founder. There, he met his greatest challenge.

“It was hard,” Predator said. “I doubted myself when AV fell apart. I questioned if I was an effective leader. It was hard for me to fit in over in DR. It wasn’t the right feeling for me.”

A few months after arriving in DR, Predator made his exit from Clan-Ops in the Summer of 2013. However, he focused his effort and energy toward a new project.

“I took over as the Department Head of Tournaments and Events,” Predator said.

There, Predator turned T&E into a well-oiled machine. T&E has become one of KSI’s largest and most successful departments, due in large part to Predator’s attitude and attention to detail.

He recently became Department Head over Productions in an effort to create the same effect there. Not only has Predator created a lasting legacy in Web-Ops, but he also returned to Clan-Ops to create perhaps a bigger ripple.

During the Fall of 2013, Predator returned to Clan-Ops in Demonic Mayhem and created a Xbox One squad.

“I was the Lieutenant of Inferno DM,” Predator said. “We started at five members and got it up to 60.”

Then that squad moved to Elite Forces, KSI’s first, and currently only, Xbox One Division.

He became a Co-Founder and oversaw the first ever squad split of a Xbox One squad. He currently sits atop EF as the Founder.

With his trials and tribulations over his two and a half years in KSI, Predator has grown not only as a member, but as a person.

He’s now 17 years old. Later this month, Predator will step down from all his roles in KSI to pursue his schooling at Pennsylvania’s premier military academy, Valley Forge.

He has relinquished his position as Head of T&E to KSI Havoc 7 already, and has plans to formally turn over control of EF to KSI Muramasa 7.

What does Predator think will be the lasting memory of his time in KSI?

“I want to be remembered as one of the pioneers of KSI’s first Xbox One Division,” Predator said. “Of course, I think I’ll be remembered for all the work I put in as part of Web-Ops for T&E and Productions too, but I want EF to continue to succeed and for people to remember the work I put in with Muramasa and Kenshin to get it off the ground.”

So as Predator begins to prepare for the rest of his life, he is packing up and shipping out, leaving behind the memories and lessons KSI has taught him.

“It’s very hard,” Predator said. “Everything I’ve worked for and achieved has been hard to let go. But I know I’m leaving KSI to do something I want to do. Everything I’ve done will remain, but it’s hard for me to move on. I’ll still be around on the Forums, but I’ll have to give up all the responsibility I’ve taken over the past few years.”

Moving through six divisions and running two departments over two-and-a-half years in KSI has resulted in a singular legacy of accomplishment and perseverance for Predator, and that won’t easily fall to the wayside.

KSI Predator 7 is leaving KSI to pursue a future at Valley Forge Military Academy. He expects to return in some capacity at some point in the future. I believe I speak for everyone in KSI when I say good luck, and thank you for everything you’ve contributed to here. We wish you nothing but success and hope to see you around again.

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