Dark Legions, According to KSI R3B1RTH

I have only been in KSI for 2 months and, even though I joined by accident, I am glad I stayed.

The following article was submitted by KSI R3B1RTH, a Captain in Dark Legions. As always, any member in KSI is encouraged to contribute articles after consulting with the News Team Department Head or Co-Head. The News Team thanks R3B1RTH for this contribution.

I have only been in KSI for 2 months and, even though I joined by accident, I am glad I stayed.

Dark Legions is a family who all opened their arms and accepted me into their hearts. As we stand through the good, the bad and the ugly, we never let go of each other.

We held a recruiting tournament and the day it started, I was promoted to a CPL. I was already informed the only people who could recruit were Sergeants and above. So my friend KSI Fantomex was a LT and I always pulled him into the party for REFs.

My General told me he was buying me a name change and I asked him why. His response was, “My higher up asked me why in the heck is a Corporal leading this tournament? Better yet, why isn’t she a SGT?” I was in complete shock.

My General at that time was KSI Steelers 7. He saw potential in me and has always told me that. Since then he has brought me all the way to a captain and I fell in love with KSI and especially Dark Legions.

During the recruiting tournament, Kronos DL (my squad) was getting bigger and bigger because of my Recruits and as well as other Recruits from our squad. We were close to our first squad split.

The news one day that Undead DL had fallen and was going to merge with us was a sad event. No one wanted to see a squad fall. Especially our KSI HarryPlopper. Undead was his original squad, and he was asked to come help Kronos for a bit.

He knew when the squad split came, KSI Ladywitagun was going to be the new general for the squad to be created.

When KSI Steelers 7 told him he was being considered for a Co-Founder spot he knew he would take over as General for Kronos. Unfortunately, Ladywitagun had broken her Xbox and had to step down as 1st Captain.

When the new squad was created, HarryPlopper took the new General spot for the new group. The best part of it was that they brought back Undead. He was happy.

KSI Fantomex then took over as General of Kronos as KSI Steelers 7 had been promoted to Co-Founder. Since then everyone has been active and getting to know each other. Steelers has control over both Warlord DL and Kronos.

For awhile, he’s been having to run both. Fantomex was in the process of moving and KSI xMr Gumpx, Warlord’s General has been not well and in the hospital. Today, KSI MissBuddha has stepped up to the plate and is now General over Warlord.

Everyone has a purpose here in Dark Legions, and that purpose is to be a loving member of our family. Dark Legions will always be a family, just like KSI is. So have fun and play your games. But most importantly, have fun with your members.

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