KSI Spirit Week 2016 Recap: Closing Ceremony

KSI Spirit Week 2016 came to a close with a 3-way tie breaker for first place.

KSI’s fifth-annual Spirit Week came to a close Sunday night, as the entire community gathered on Twitch and Xbox to reminisce and celebrate KSI’s best Spirit Week to date.

Despite several obstacles through out the week, Spirit Week’s hosts and architects led a great week.

Final Results

The spirit was on notice as the KSI Twitter account gained nearly 50 followers through out the week. Posts and comments were shared across social media that embraced the KSI Spirit Week experience.

“For my first spirit week, just wanna say this was a complete success and I’m already excited for next year,” DM General KSI DemonicWidow tweeted. “Great Job!”

Competition was fierce throughout the week as well. There was a log-jam at the top of the leader board as seven divisions were separated by just four points. A point here and a point there made all the difference.

“This is the closest Spirit Week we’ve ever had,” KSI CEO and Chairman FuzzyMeep 7 said. “The top-seven teams were separated by just three points. That’s incredible.”


At the top, LS, ES and WI finished in a three-way tie for first place.

Social Media activity points were awarded, with LS, WI, DM and LW securing one point, and ES securing two points to wiggle their way into the three-way tie.

The tie-breaker was determined to be played on Halo 5 in a custom game. Four-person teams from each division participated in bumper cars, or sumo, to determine the order of the teams.

The goal of the game type was to knock opponents off the map while driving in warthogs. The first team to win five rounds won first place.

LS dominated the sumo funnel, winning four of five rounds to secure the division’s first-ever first place finish. ES stole one round to secure second place after earning just four points last year. WI finished with third place following their first-place finish at Spirit Week 2015.

“All I can say is congratulations to everyone who participated,” LS Division Leader KSI Akame 7 said. “I’m so proud of my guys for pulling out the win. My highlight was the Forums Challenge. My guys broke the record and showed we have the participation beyond the competition.”


The King and Queen of Spirit Week were announced in the stream.

The King was given to ES’ KSI AtomXGen, a.k.a. MonkeyTwerker, for his YouTube video promo for Spirit Week. He submitted it after the deadline for the competition, but he submitted it any way and it is priceless.

The Queen of Spirit Week was given to DL’s KSI Chicago 7, who serenaded KSI Terrors 7 with “Happy Birthday” on Thursday night while trying to sound like Marilyn Monroe when she sang to President John F. Kennedy.

FuzzyMeep 7 also announced an induction into the KSI Hall of Fame. KSI Raze Drake is the newest inductee into the KSI Hall of Fame.

“Drake has been around for 12 year and is a phenomenal leader. He was the CEO before I was,” FuzzyMeep said. “He’s changed the way communities run, so we want to present him with something. It’s important for him to be recognized for the hard work he put in to make this KSI possible.

There was also a Twitter prize giveaway to the member with the best Spirit Week haiku. The winner was easy. Congrats to KSI Reigns 7:

There were many great social media posts that showed the spirit KSI members have, and the couple above were memorable. Oh, and the one below.

Complete Standings
  1. LS – 17 (1st)
  2. ES – 17 (2nd)
  3. WI – 17 (3rd)
  4. DL – 16
  5. DM – 14
  6. LW – 14
  7. EO – 13
  8. DR – 7
  9. IK – 6
  10. FI – 6
  11. MP – 4
  12. TI – 4
  13. HD – 1
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Bracket History

Rocket League: http://challonge.com/KSI_SpiritWeek_RocketLeague

Halo: Reach: http://challonge.com/KSI_SpiritWeek_HaloReachTourney

Black Ops 2: http://challonge.com/KSI_SpiritWeek_BlackOps2

Halo 5: http://challonge.com/KSI_SpiritWeek_Halo5

Black Ops 3: http://challonge.com/KSI_SpiritWeek_BlackOps3

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