The KSI Store Returns and Improves

We’ve brought back and expanded the selection at the KSI Store. Get your KSI apparel today.

Ever wondered how you take your KSI pride to the next level? Well now it’s here!

Every year, KSI Spirit Week provides the perfect opportunity to turn over a new leaf and introduce new and exciting parts of KSI Global.

This year, we’ve taken several members’ complaints and suggestions to heart and have worked hard to bring back the KSI Store.

With more than 3,800 members, demand for merchandise and apparel that supports and promotes the community is at an all-time high, so we’ve added new items to the previously suspended KSI Store.

There is a range of Polo shirts, pull-over hoodies, duffle bags, phone cases, T-shirts and more. All apparel is branded with the most recent KSI logo that identifies this community and helps it stand out.

Color schemes vary based upon whatever the customer wants it to be.

Since we are basing our store on an off-site store, a portion of the proceeds for merchandise and apparel will come back to KSI for us to put back into tournaments, events, prizes and website upkeep.

You can visit the KSI Store at

When you get your KSI apparel, take a picture and show it off. Share it on Twitter or Facebook with our official social media accounts.

With that, we wish you happy gaming and happy shopping!

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