KSI Weekend Events: July 1 and 2

Weekly Update and Weekend Warfare return following a successful KSI Spirit Week.

KSI Spirit Week 2016 is complete, and what a hell of a week it was. Divisions competed for the top title and enjoyed showing off divisional spirit and the fighting attitude that makes KSI great.

We’re hoping to capitalize on some of that momentum by jumping right back into offering the great events KSI members love.

On Friday, the Weekly Update returns at 8 p.m. EST.

Fresh off his division’s first-ever victory at Spirit Week, KSI Akame 7 will be hosting his first show as sole head of Weekly Update. The topic of the week will be a “Spirit Week Recap.”

The topic of discussion for the panel and Twitch chat will be going over everything leaders put into throwing an event as large and dynamic as KSI Spirit Week, as well as talking to members and leaders about memorable moments from the week of competition.

The stream will go live at around 7:45 or 8 p.m. and will last approximately one hour.

On Saturday, Weekend Warfare will be returning.

Tournaments and Events is offering a Halo 4 SWAT Free-For-All at 8 p.m. EST.

Sign-ups for the tournament will be on the forums.

Also, applications for T&E staff will be going live shortly, so be on the look out if you want to be a part of KSI’s tournament and event hosting and planning department.

Both events will be streamed on the KSILive Twitch channel.

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