KSI Spirit Week 2016 Recap: Xbox 360

Day 3 of Spirit Week moved to Xbox 360. The competition was tight and the standings are even tighter.

As Day 3 of Spirit Week’s festivities began, the biggest thing everyone needed to remember is that it’s all about fun. The community so far has banded together and enjoyed the competition and company KSI provides, and that sportsmanship was on full display Friday.

Halo: Reach

The battles were furious in the Halo: Reach tournament.

The tournament began with four 3-person teams. The top-2 of each group moved on. The quarterfinals had two lobbies of four teams, and once again, the top-2 teams would advance. That would lead to a four-team semifinal, which would have the top-2 teams advance to a championship match.

During the semifinal four-team battle between ES, IK, EO, and LW, it was a nail-bitingly close match as the difference at the end of the game. Just two points separated ES and IK, which led to a LW-ES final.

ES came out swinging, starting the match with a 62-2 run out of the gate, and never looked back as they captured the win in a very decisive victory.

ES came away with first place, LW in second, and IK brought home third place to KSI’s newest, smallest division. Big congratulations to ES for their victory, and also to everyone who participated.

I caught up with KSI PHIL0S0PHY, LW’s team captain, after the tournament was over.

“I had a blast playing with everyone, and even though we lost in the finals, it was really fun,” he said. “It would be great to do this again next year. It was also fun getting to beat up on some 7’s”.


CoD: Black Ops 2

The Black Ops 2 tournament was quite amazing to watch as well as the competition was fierce through the entire tournament. In the semifinals, the community watched the Twitch stream as WI topped LW to take third place, followed by tge final match of the night between DL and ES.

Unfortunately for the viewers, our streamer was not available for the final match, so we were unable to watch it. However we were told that it was an amazing match that ended in DL winning, but only by two points.

I spoke with KSI Emerald Boa 7, the Black Ops 2 tournament lead, after the tournament was completed to ask her how she felt the competition was, as well as how she felt everything overall went this evening.

“It went well. It had it’s bumps, but overall it was amazing,” Boa said. “Everyone was great!”

KSI Ashhh 7, ES’ Division Leader, was rightfully excited by the results so far.

“I’m excited for tomorrow. Spirit week has been such fun,” Ashhh said. “I’m extremely proud. They are amazing!”

Day 3 was a huge day for ES, but at the end of it all, Spirit Week isn’t about the success of a singular division. It’s about our commitment to each other and to show everyone that KSI is truly family.



This has been the closest Spirit Week in recent memory. There’s a log jam at the top, and there’s no telling who will come away with Spirit Week gold.

Karaoke results were determined from Thursday and given out in last night’s divisional tallies.

EO’s KSI Ronin 77 took first, DL’s KSI BSmastamind took second and ES’ KSI LadyJenny took home third place for their prospective divisions.

With those results added in, we have a new, very close top of the leader board.

ES jumped up and grabbed first place, with a total of 13 points.

DL is holding second place right now with 12 points.

There’s a three-way tie for third place, with EO, WI and LS all tied with 11 points.

Looking Forward

Competition will continue Saturday night as competition heads back to the Xbox One.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will be a Safeguard tournament, while Halo 5 will host a SWAT tournament.

The closing ceremonies will be Sunday, June 26. All streams start promptly at 7:30 p.m. EST, with tournament play beginning at 8 p.m.

For information, follow us on Twitter @KSIGlobalGaming or on Facebook @KSIGlobalOfficial.

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