KSI Spirit Week 2016 Recap: Xbox One

Spirit Week 2016 moved to Xbox One on the last night of competition before the closing ceremonies.

Saturday night, the 2016 KSI Spirit Week moved to Xbox One based games for competition.

Several squads competed on Halo 5 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

Halo 5

Eight teams from across KSI, including representation from the Board of Directors, battled it out on Halo 5.

Last Strike rolled through the tournament, going undefeated in their four matches to take home the championship.

IK bounced back from a loss to LS in the second round to meet them again in the finals before falling again.

DM was granted third place in the tournament following their loss to IK in the losers’ bracket and the Board of Directors’ disqualification and decision to vacate their wins.


Black Ops 3

Nine teams registered for the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Safeguard tournament. Following initial connectivity issues and unlucky timing with an update on the game, competition and sportsmanship was on full display.

Wicked Intent rolled through the winners’ bracket, but had some competition along the way. The final three teams, WI, DL and LW, were close in skill and performance and earned their places in the standings.

DL lost their very first game against DM, but soldiered through the losers’ bracket, beating TI, ES, LS, FI and LW in order to get to the championship game.

“We just kept the same mantra the whole time,” DL team member KSI Chicago 7 said. “Losing the first game, our team felt like we weren’t going to make it, but we kept working and fighting and we made it to second place.”

After going into OT in Game 1, DL was able to aid their robot to WI’s zone with just 8 seconds left to force a winner-take-all Game 2.

“We’re always screaming at each other,” WI captain KSI Fireman 605 said. “We got mad at the first loss, but we had to push each other 10 times better.”

WI was able to close the door in overtime the second time around and won a thrilling final match to take first place for Wicked Intent.

“That was well-fought,” KSI Chicago 7 said. “That was a really fun game to be apart of.”


Looking Ahead

Sunday at 7:30 p.m., we will officially close the 5th-annual KSI Spirit Week.

Winners, awards, superlatives and memories will be shared in the chat and in the stream party.

For viewers, prizes may be given out randomly throughout the night on the stream and on social media, so please be aware and active on both.

For information, follow us on Twitter @KSIGlobalGaming or on Facebook @KSIGlobalOfficial.

Looking Back

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