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Gamer tested. Whiskey approved! Read about the excellence the new Call of Duty has to offer!


I personally came into this game a bit skeptical after seeing the last four or five shooters in the series as a disappointment. What used to be my favorite tactical shooter franchise quickly gave way to spray and pray mechanics that seemed to reward the carefree antics of youth. People literally jumping about the map like grasshoppers spraying their weapons at any perceived movement earning kill-streaks for defying the rules of engagement for any real life firefight you’d hope to win.

Imagine for a second, our country’s elites in a live firefight. Do you think they were trained to jump about the streets in Afghanistan like someone gave them invisible Pogo Sticks and an order to spray live ammunition at the slightest movement? I don’t think so, and yet that was the scene for quite a few of the franchises previous releases. Was as ludicrous as something straight out of Monty Pythons Flying Circus.

Back To Basic

Modern Warfare stripped away all of that malarkey and went back to what made the franchise so popular in the first place. Realistic fighting mechanics. Well as much as can be obtained from a video game. This game rewards patience and cerebral game play. You have to outwit your opponent just as much as you have to be a responsive shooter.

Some may say, “but Whiskey, the game rewards camping.” There is some truth behind that, but with a massive loadout selection campers can be defeated rather easily if you put some thought into it. For me, C-4 and a flash grenade is my anti camper preference. Can’t kill what you can’t see and that C-4 has a blast radius that would make the finest of demolitions experts proud. Get creative with the tools you have. A hidden aspect to the Dead-Silence perk is Lightweight. So go ahead, flank the whole enemy team while not making a sound and moving at the speed of a fat kids fork to cake. Get you some!

I’m Not Saying Its Perfect

Not at all. The game has a few annoying blips in it that the devs are aware of and working on. Most noticeable and aggravating is the game can and will spontaneously shut down your console. Bad coding tricks your console into thinking it is overheating. There is no way around this however they are currently working on a fix.

Another thing in need of fixing is some of the sounds. Teammates footsteps can be very loud when playing on decent headsets, making it hard to hear enemies closing in on your position. Again, there is a fix coming soon.

Outside of these two things the games been released in a near flawless state. Far better than most that come out these days. Sure there’s some weapon tweaks to make but that’s to be expected of any shooter. Nerfs and buffs are just part of playing any game.

The Campaign

I’ll sum this up in a word then expound a little bit. FLAWLESS. The story was immersive and deep despite it’s scant 6 hour play-through on regular difficulty. The scenery is beautiful and rich traversing through urban environments to dusty plains. The game rewards multiple play-throughs with a variety of achievements across all of its difficulty levels. Being as MW is a prequel, it also answers a lot of questions about its main antagonist Captain Price. Well worth the time and I give it 5 of 5 stars.

The Multiplayer PvP

Although not as “fast” as its predecessors, the PvP game-play is far more intelligent. One of the great things they’ve done is allow you to equip five different weapon attachments, at a a price. With literally about 50 different attachments for each assault rifle alone, it’s pretty easy to build a weapon designed for whatever your play style may be. The downside, the more attachments you add, naturally the heavier your weapon becomes thus affecting your ADS (aim down sight) speed, and your accuracy. That said, by limiting ONLY the amount of weapon attachments you have it frees up the rest of your load-out to be as diversified as you want it to be. Gone are the days of ten slots for your total build!

There are a ton of different PvP modes in MW. The usual suspects such as CTF, TDM Domination, Snd and KC are all represented as well as a new 32 versus 32 ground war element that introduces sprawling maps and even tanks and choppers with rather large payloads. Literally something for everyone, including those let down by Battlefield 5.

Whiskey Approved

This game is a hit my friends. Sure some may have to adjust their personal styling of play to do well in this iteration. However it is a very rewarding game overall with a slew of unique ways to slay your way to victory. I personally prefer Hard-Core modes because you have no mini-map giving away your every move and the amount of lead it takes to drop a foe seems much more realistic than Core variants. However both modes are excellent. So what are you waiting for? Get your copy, add me (KSI WHISKEY82) and lets slay the masses!

If you have any ideas for future articles you would like to see me tackle please feel free to reach out to me on Discord. My ID is KSI WHISKEY82#0642. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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