SYTYCW Winner: October 2019

Find out who won SYTYCW for October!

October’s So You Think You Can Write topic was “Create Your Own Halloween Persona.”

Members were challenged to create their unique Halloween Persona or Legendary Scary Movie Villain then tell us their story! We had a lot of creativity flowing through each submission this month! The News Team wants to thank all of those who participated last month in SYTYCW!


We have a tie for first place:

KSI DCRUNK (General in SL)

Character name: Ignant
Character abilities/gadgets/what makes them menacing: Ignant is an empath who can brainwash her victims.
Their story: 
Often overlooked, Ignant was left alone, but one day the popular girls decided to spread rumors about her. They said that her grandfather’s death was not an accident and accused her of murder. People believed every word without hearing her side of the story.  Her life was ruined. She could not understand why anyone would want to hurt others the way they had hurt her. She moved schools to get away from the accusations and the rejection, but she could not let it go. 
She began to study gossip and lies. She wanted to know how long she could lead people in a lie without them questioning her. She noticed that she could feel her peers’ insecurity and their need to be wanted. It all started with one lie that soon led to many. Eventually, all of the students came to her for answers. They needed her, and she wanted to manipulate them to her will. She knew as long as no one asked questions or cared about their education that they would do whatever she said. Nothing could stop her now. She had grown too powerful. Her prey grew none the wiser. As the children say Ignorance is bliss.

  • KSI WHISKEY82(General in DM)

Character name: Beetus
Character abilities/gadgets/what makes them menacing: Long lingering scares. Can only be fought off with needles.

Their story: Beetus is real and he claims the lives of roughly 1.6 million people a year. He thrives during all Holidays with Halloween being his favorite haunt. People welcome him into their homes and his ominous threat is real, despite they never even notice he has been there until they are much older.

The weapon he uses is sweet by design, not at all painful despite the crippling effects and horror he can inflict. He takes the feet and sometimes legs of his victims as souvenirs before taking their lives. He marches on invisible and undetectable leaving a wake of death in his path. He prays on those with little willpower to defend themselves before finally consuming them as if they were an overly sweet treat. The only known way to ward him off is eating healthy and exercising daily. He has no interest in those with strong able bodies. Beetus does have a face however, and a more common name we all may recognize. Diabetes.

2nd Place

  • KSI Nebula 7 with the character “Nebbi”

The News Team would like to thank those who voted for their favorites and to Congratulate the winners of this month’s SYTYCW. Make sure to take a moment to write about a game that was highly anticipated, that let you down and how you would make it better! Post your submissions here.

KSI Harmony 7 & The News Team

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