Member Spotlight: KSI Elkram

KSI True 7 shines the spotlight on KSI Elkram, one of KSI’s longest serving members you might not know about.

There have been many people to come and go within KSI, there have been many people who have left and re-joined, but never before have I met a member so dedicated as KSI Elkram.

He was originally recruited in October of 2009 into Fuzzy Legions, by KSI FuzzyMeep 7, before he became our CEO; this was still Bill’s KSI.

Elkram was a super Corporal for an obnoxious amount of time due to bad experiences as a leader with his prior gaming community.

However, when he changed his gamer tag and decided to put his effort into this community, he skipped all the way up to Second Lieutenant and began to show the leaders within his division that he was not only dedicated and exuberant, but also smart and helpful.

He watched the rise and fall of the legendary division of Fuzzy Legions.

Due to his employment in the military, navy specifically, he ended up being demoted and replaced while on deployment, bumping his rank all the way back down to SGT. His career in the military hindered his KSI career more than anything else, more than it should have.

By the time he was done being deployed, Fuzzy Legions had been shut down and he was re-joining KSI to be a part of GZ, only to shine his way all the way to General of Liberty. When he was deployed, yet again, he lost his rank and the squad was shut down and merged into Titan.

When his latest deployment was completed, he was convinced to join DM by KSI Mpliers 7, where KSI M1GHTY 7 and KSI Bandit 777 threw him into Lethal DM to help the recently transferred Xbox One squad when he had been planning on joining Ruthless instead.

He was pushed through the ranks by previous leaders, leaders who have left major impacts on many minds throughout our division and throughout KSI.

Hoping to be involved in more than just Clan-Ops, Elkram filled out an application to be a Judge for KSI and was voted in successfully, solidifying his KSI career in many ways more than one.

He is one of KSI’s two of the newest judges, along with KSI Commander 7, both of whom will go on to accomplish amazing things for this community.

Since his re-join, he has turned a struggling squad to a splitting squad, trained countless talented officers, and been a voice of reason for many leaders and many friends. He has aided this division in many more ways than one and he has proved his worth time and time again.

He continues to motivate and inspire those he works with and doesn’t stop hounding each and every person he works with until every thing is done, the right way. I have no doubt in my mind that he will be a great leader within this community for a long time and will leave a deep impact on everyone he works with.

KSI Elkram has been with KSI for seven years as of October, and hasn’t let any demotion or deployment deter him from what he wants to do — to lead in this community, to teach and lead the future leaders of his division, or even all of KSI.

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