KSI Weekend Events: August 19 and 20

Weekly Update will cover Headhunters and Weekend Warfare heads to WWE 2K16.

Following technical issues last week, the KSI Weekly Update will try the Headhunters show again.

On Friday at 8 p.m. EST, KSI Ascend 7 will be leading the panel in discussion about the return of KSI Tournaments and Events seasonal ladder competition, Headhunters.

Headhunters will pit divisional teams against one another to determine the best KSI division over several weeks.

The first season will start in late August and be on Black Ops 2.

Weekly Update will be streamed on Twitch at KSILIVE.

On Saturday, Weekend Warfare will be on WWE 2K16. The game is currently Free with Gold.

The tournament will be a 1 v. 1 Cage Match.

To sign up for a great night of wrestling, click here.

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