KSI Member Q&A: KSI Rpg900SR

KSI Rpg900SR sits down for a Q&A session about being a general and his KSI experience.

KSI Rpg900SR started his KSI career in Forgotten Gods, and became the general of Cronus FG/Immortal Outlaws before leaving in March 2015.

A year later, in February 2016, he finds himself in Enforcer Maximum Punishment where he is now a general once again.

Q.) What does being a general mean to you?

A.) It means a lot to me. You get to know everyone so well and training people is the biggest thing for me. When you train members, you get to know them a lot better, and you get to form better relationships with each individual, especially when training captains to become future generals and watching the squad grow from it.

Q.) What is one of the most important things to remember while being a general?

A.) Follow the code of conduct and make sure your members follow it too. Be strict, but not a jerk.

Q.) What is your favorite experience within KSI?

A.) Playing infected on Advanced Warfare with you all the time, all of the funny moments we had still makes me laugh to this day.

Q.) How has KSI affected you?

A.) I have social anxiety.  It makes me uneasy when I speak to people, but in KSI, being around all the people, and making new friends has helped me a lot with that issue and has made me more confident.

Q.) What do you enjoy about being in KSI?

A.) The relationships you make with other people is amazing. Some of these people I consider my family and would do anything for.

Q.) If you could go back and tell your past KSI self one thing, what would it be and why?

A.) I would have asked for a division transfer before I left. I was a general back then and I left for disagreements with others. If I stayed I would have kept some of the friends I lost and gained more knowledge.

Q.) What is your favorite part about being a KSI member?

A.) Just being a part of an amazing community.

Q.) If you could meet any member in real life, who would it be and why?

A.) Technically there would be three. I would like to meet KSI Th3 Sil3nc3, KSI American X and yourself. These guys are my best friends. I think very highly of you all, as you all are pretty much my family. We have been through tough times, and have helped me when there was a problem and I have helped you all as well.

Q.) What advice would you give to any other KSI members?

A.) Have fun with your friends, but remember code of conduct so you do not take things too far. When playing with friends, it is very easy to forget them. Also, live long and prosper.

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