Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

AAP: July 2016 OTM Winners

The AAP is proud to present the Winners Of The Month for July.

The AAP is proud to present the Winners Of The Month for July:

Senior Leader – KSI Greg 7

Director -A?KSI Azrael 7

Division Leader -A?KSI Ascend 7

Co-division Leader -A?KSI MuddyGirl 7

Founder -A?KSI Sycdan 7

Co-founder -A?KSI CyaKnight 7

General -A?KSI RPG900SR

Captain -A?KSI DemiUrge

Lieutenant – A?KSI Lafayette 7

Forums Staff – KSI x Karma

Member – A?KSI xLastNine0x

The AAP Department congratulates the winners, as well as all who were nominated, keep up the great work and keep striving to improve! We also thank everyone who participated in the nomination process and hope to see you all when ita??s time for the next round of awards.

– KSI Scotland 7 and KSI Emmmy 7

On a more personal note from myself, this month has seen some amazing nominations, about some amazing members in this community. The nominations had the entire AAP staff voting in oposite directions to each other! I commend each and every person who was nominated and I hope you all go forth in the next OTMs and put your best members forwards!

– KSI Scotland 7

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