Sign Up for the Web-Ops and Department Workshop

There will be a workshop on Web-Ops and Departments Monday, Aug. 29. Sign up here.

Hello, KSI.

I’m KSI ImPeRiiuM 7, Chief Department Manager and Head of the News Team.

I’m offering a class on Monday, August 29, 2016 for anybody in KSI who is interested in learning more about Web-Ops and KSI’s Departments.

KSI’s Web Ops is a vital part of KSI’s overall mission, but many people in Clan-Ops are unaware of everything the Web-Ops side does for the community. This one night, two-hour long class will be an opportunity to ask questions and gain insight into why that side is so important, and how you can get involved.

We’ll discuss each department, the roles of the departments, how to get involved, and how to promote Web-Ops to improve your squad or division. You will also get a chance to suggest ideas for improvement.

Anybody who is in KSI is eligible to attend, regardless of rank or standing. (This includes people who are currently in departments.)

The workshop will begin at 7 p.m. EST on the Xbox One, so if you only have a 360, you are out of luck — for now. If the class is received well, I will offer another one on the 360 in a few weeks.

I will get as many people in the party as possible, but there is still limited space, so it will be first-come, first-served.

If you’re interested, go to the L.E.A.D sections on the forums and fill out the form, or go to this link.

Thank you,

KSI ImPeRiiuM 7

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