Why Spirit Week is Important

KSI Spirit Week is entering its fifth year. Why is the event so important?

Spirit Week is KSI’s Super Bowl. Spirit Week is KSI’s WrestleMania. Spirit Week is KSI’s largest celebration.

It has been for the last five years, and we’re working to make sure it will be for the foreseeable future as well.

Spirit Week was born out of the desire to bring the entire community together in friendly competition to see which division would reign supreme as the most spirited and talented KSI division.

Year One belonged to Twisted Warfare. Year Two belonged to Ground Zero. Year Three also belonged to Ground Zero. Last year, Wicked Intent broke through and took home gold. This year, there’s a wide open field.

KSI’s 3,900, spread out across 13 divisions will all come together this week.

Spirit Week shows us all what we’ve collectively built over the past five years — a community of great members who love gaming. Spirit Week has allowed for members to make names for themselves. It’s allowed leaders to emerge and become legends. It’s created a spring board for divisions to thrive.

Ground Zero was at 350 people during the first Spirit Week, and although they only finished in second place that year, the division took the strong finish and camaraderie to jump up to 500 members and Spirit Week Gold in Year Two.

It’s important to remember that the first rule of KSI is to have fun and game. Recruiting and training members can be tiring along a few year, and Spirit Week allows a week to sit back and reap all the benefits of all the hard work.

Spirit Week isn’t entirely about winning. Only one division can win, so the rest can’t get too upset that the chips didn’t fall in place. However, if those divisions came closer together and enjoyed a week of inter-divisional competition, then they succeeded.

Event such as Spirit Week exemplify everything KSI aims to be, and as has been the case for the last five years, the next five years will only get better.

Good luck to all of KSI’s divisions as you prepare to compete in Spirit Week, but just enjoy the week and use the event to propel your divisions to levels of success they’ve never before seen.

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