KSI Member Profile: KSI Reigns 7

KSI Terrors 7 shares the written history of his wife, KSI Reigns 7.

On July 7, 2013, I received a message after a few matches of “CoD: Black Ops 2” regarding joining KSI. At this point in time, neither myself nor Reigns, who at that time had the gamertag of MrsTerrorBunnies, had never been a part of a clan of any sort.

I took a good bit of time to respond, but later that evening, I was joined in a party by KSIxDaddyxAcex, who proceeded to recruit me in to KSI. At that time, Reigns had mixed feelings about joining, and said she would take a couple of days to think about it. Two days later on July 9, as I was being trained to a private, she decided that she would like to join as well, and she was recruited in to Recoil Twisted Warfare.

We began our KSI career learning the ropes, so to speak. We participated in many game nights, had loads of fun, and were overall just enjoying the atmosphere. We soon changed our gamertags — mine to KSI Terrors, her to KSI MrsTerrors.

Around December or January, we found out that she was pregnant with our first child (lovingly called Little “T”), and she made the decision to leave KSI in order to deal with her pregnancy and step away from any stressful situations that may arise.

After our son was born in June 2014, she decided that it was time for her to make her triumphant return. At this point in time, I had transitioned from Twisted Warfare to Divine Reign, and she decided that she wanted to come to DR as we had friends there, and was subsequently recruited in to Sacrifice DR and changed her name to KSI Reigns.

She moved up in Sacrifice relatively slowly, from Sergeant up to Third Captain. Then, an opportunity presented itself to her to become the general of Archangel, DR’s first Destiny squad.

She took the reigns — so to speak — and helped make Archangel a huge success, and even splitting the squad to create Seraphim (she still holds this over my head, as I have never been able to split a squad). During her tenure as general, DR also successfully completed a division split. During the division split, I went to the new division in order to create opportunity for her. Soon after Archangel’s split, she was then promoted to a Co-Founder in DR, and changed her name to KSI Reigns 7.

After about 4 months, she decided that she couldn’t maintain her duties as a Co-Founder and left clan ops to spend more time with our son. She then took on more Web-Ops opportunities, becoming a member of the court system.

After showing her dedication to the department, she was promoted to head judge, and has been at this position ever since. More recently, she has also become a member of our forums staff as a moderator.

She truly enjoys every moment she gets to spend helping people with the forums, and handling the court cases that are brought to the court system. She’s proven herself as an amazing leader, member, and friend to many. She’s been a shoulder to cry on, a mentor, but most of all, an incredible asset in her dedication to this community and it’s goals.

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