Microsoft announces ‘Xbox One S’

Microsoft recently released information about the next step for the Xbox One: Xbox One S.

Microsoft has revealed the next step for the Xbox One gaming console, and that step is the Xbox One S. The Xbox One S has quite a few upgrades from the Xbox One that you will want to see for yourself.

For starters, the console is completely white, contrary to its signature black chassis. It is also 40% smaller than the Xbox One, which makes it even easier to stow and move about.


The Xbox One S has an upgraded processor to support HDR gaming. Because of this processor upgrade, the ONE S can also support gaming in 4K. It even has 4K ultra HD Blu-ray built in.

I know some of you tech nerds out there are screaming that the original Xbox One supported 4K already. Well you are right, but it was delivered via HDMI 1.4a which had an output of 4K at 30 Hz.

The Xbox One S uses HDMI 2.0a which provides an output of 4K at 60 Hz, the proper 4K output frequency.

Original mentions of this expanded console did not speak of extra GPU and CPU processing power as well, but there will be in order to support the full HDR gaming experience.

Probably one of the most trivial upgrades, but will make a huge impact, is the doing away of the old school large power brick. Now all you need is a simple power cord, and no more struggling to find somewhere for that clunky brick.

There were initial rumors stating that the Xbox One S won’t come with a controller, but Microsoft shut this down as they confirmed that a controller is included upon purchase.

The Xbox One S also removes the irrelevant dedicated Kinect port on the back, and adds an IR Blaster to give your console power control over your other media devices. The USB Kinect adapter will more than likely be sold separately for those who use Kinect.

The Xbox One S will now use Bluetooth as its medium for connecting controllers to provide a much more reliable wireless controller connection. It will also allow for media devices to connect to the console for shared media.

Since the Xbox One S controller connects via Bluetooth it makes it that much easier to use with a PC.

Now this isn’t a new generation of Xbox, it is just the inevitable next step for this console. The Xbox One S is set to release in August, 2016 so be sure to pre-order it soon.

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