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KSI Spirit Week 2016 Newsletter

KSI Spirit Week 2016 will be from June 22 – June 26. Get all the information here!

Ita??s almost time!

In a month, KSI Global will be having its 5th-Annual Spirit Week celebration from Wednesday, June 22 – Sunday, June 26.

As has been the case for the last four summers, this celebration should take KSI once again to a level not seen before. Each year, participation goes higher, competition get tougher and pride becomes more noticeable.

There are several things KSI members need to know about the event.

Spirit Week Schedule

Wednesday, June 22 – Opening Ceremony. 24-hour Forums Challenge.

Thursday, June 23 – Karaoke. (2 people per division. Skype required.)

Thursday, June 23 – Rocket League 3 v. 3

Friday, June 24 – Halo: Reach 3 v. 3*

Friday, June 24 – Black Ops II 4 v. 4*

Saturday, June 25 – Halo 5 4 v. 4*

Saturday, June 25 – Black Ops III 4 v. 4*

Sunday, June 26 – Closing Ceremony. Winners announced. Spirit Week MVP announced. Hall of Fame inductee.

* – Game modes/playlists to be announced the week before Spirit Week.

Point System and Winners

On the 26th, during the closing ceremonies, the top-three divisions will be announced. At this time, each division – and each individual team or person that won throughout the week – will be awarded their prizes.

During the week, each team that participates will receive one point per competition.

Teams that finish first will receive three additional points, second will receive two additional points and third place will receive one additional point.

Rules to Participate By

  • KSI and Xbox Code of Conducts apply to all KSI events.
  • All maps will be pre-determined. No requests will be honored.
  • This event is meant to be fun. Everyone should enjoy the week and be respectful during competition.
  • Team captains will be required to use a special clan tag (0x0) that will keep track of record.
  • All teams will be expected to have read and understand all rules regarding each competition.
  • Winners will have seven days following Spirit Week to claim their prize.
  • Each competition will have a neutral host. There will be no favoritism.
  • The highest-ranking member of each division is the only person permitted to sign up divisional participants.

Social Media and More

All of the above websites will be used to announce and spread information about Spirit Week. Twitch will be used to stream each event every night. Interviews and highlights will be available on YouTube.

Lastly, we ask every KSI member who is able to spread the word in increase squad and division morale and excitement about the upcoming 5th-Annual Spirit Week.

Thank you,

KSI Board of Directors

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