Week in Review: August 17-23

Here’s the KSI Week in Review for August 17-23 and the results of Saturday’s Weekend Warfare event!

Man does time fly. We’re already done with another week. The last week seems to have been action-packed and a great overall time to be a KSI member.

What happened in the past week for KSI News, you ask? Well allow us to enlighten you and show you the amazing work the team put in the last seven days in this week’s Week in Review.

Monday, Aug. 18: Sitting Down With KSI Havoc 7″ – Impy

Tuesday, Aug. 19: “A (Video) Interview with KSI Paratroop 7” – Kazekage

Wednesday, Aug. 20: “Weekend Warfare Throwback Tourney Info” – Impy

Thursday, Aug. 21: “Impy’s LeaderShop: Positivity”– Impy

Friday, Aug. 22: “Crimson Dragon: A Doctor’s Diagnosis” – Doctor

Saturday, Aug. 23: “A Look at Batman: Arkham Knight” – Itherael

Now, it’s been an eventful week for the News Team in terms of content and articles, but even more exciting, the team made several moves this week to bolster the strength of the team.

As the News Team Department Head, it pleasures me to announce the following additions to the team over the last week.

Congratulations to KSI Scotland 7 for becoming the Co-Head of the News Team, and congratulations from KSI Sad Tempah and KSI MsVigilante on becoming writers for this amazing department,

I expect big things from these new additions, and I know KSI will love their contributions to this team.

Do you want to follow in their footsteps and become a valued member of KSI’s News Team? Well then click this hyperlink to the News Team forums area and fill out an application!

I look forward to seeing more team members and I hope you all are interested in taking an active role in this team. Whether you’re a staff member, a contributor or just a member, we need your input.

Remember, this is KSI News for KSI Members. MAKE IT YOURS.

Also, last night, KSI T&E hosted a Throwback Tourney on MW3.

Who won? Well, here are your winners from the MW3 Weekend Warfare Tournament!

KSI Its Anarchy
KSI Death Hydra
KSI Hayabusa 13

Congratulations to these members!

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