A Look into Silent Hills Playable Teaser

It’s a survival horror game… and it will scare the living crap out of you.

I recently discovered that there is a new demo on the PS4 known as P.T., which stands for “playable teaser,” called Silent Hills.

Now I haven’t been a fan of the PlayStation for some time as I have the Xbox One, however this one cannot be missed.

The game is listed from a studio called 7780’s, which doesn’t exist if you dive deeper and look into it. First off, it’s a survival horror game to start out with and it will scare the living crap out of you.

Okay, to start in the demo you begin in a house with some creepy subtext about the door being a gateway to another dimension. You start with all the lights on with a L-Shaped hallway in a decrepit house with the only options of doors you can go into being a basement door that resets the level or dimension if you will and the other being the bathroom door.

Oh the bathroom, don’t even get me started on the bathroom. When you finally gain access, you see the door creepily creak open with a ghost twitching out in the opening and yes it is very crazy. Inside the bathroom you find the only salvation in the form of a flashlight that could very much use a new set of batteries.

You find in the bathroom sink a fetus that looks crazy and moves around and laughs and cries sometimes. There is also a hole in the bathroom that it would appear the ghost watches you from time to time.

Down to the idea of this game, which is not easy to explain at best and extremely random at worst.

Random events seem to happen that allows you to progress through this teaser. It involves finding pieces to a picture then triggering several events to cause the fetus to laugh twice, which then triggers the phone to go off telling you that you have been chosen. You can then leave the house to reveal the actual game which we will get to a little later.

So while you’re looping through dimensions you will have random encounters with a ghost named Lisa who was a pregnant mother before she and her entire family was murdered by her husband who just snapped one day.

Lisa has a tendency to twitch out at the end of the hallway, randomly appear in front of you before possessing you or outside of the house staring at you through a window. At one point she can occasionally appear behind you and snap your neck causing the loop to reset.

Occasionally when possessed you will walk over and over down the hallway with it never ending and no escape until it randomly loops and you are no longer possessed.

The lights in the house go from all on at once to some off and finally all off. There are also instances where they all go blood red and you see the pictures moving and in some pictures spinning eye balls in the pictures.

Sound scary enough, yet, trust me words don’t do this justice in a any way, shape, or form. I would suggest searching on Twitch for P.T and watch people playing for yourself.

So once you complete this demo, which generally takes about 2 hours to complete, you get to see what this teaser is all about.

It is actually a new Silent Hills game featuring Norman Reedus a.k.a Daryl from Walking Dead created by Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid) and director Gillermo Del Torro.

The graphics look amazing; the ghosts are incredibly scary and evil looking and the sound really completes the game with the creepy voices and breathing from ghosts on the back of your neck.

Kojima expected it would take a week at least for players to beat the demo, but it was beaten in about two days with the first person not understanding how they even achieved the ending.

If this teaser is any indication of things to come, this game will be very scary and suspenseful and will likely debut on the PS4 and Xbox One at the same time. I hope you all get a chance to check it out on Twitch and get freaked out just like I did.

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