Tempah’s Simple Tips

KSI Sad Tempah Shares some simple tips to becoming a leader within KSI.

With my year and a half in KSI United and my current 1 and a half in KSI Global I have definitely had my ups and downs in these communities.  I come to find that most people join KSI or any gaming community for many different reasons, but the big one is usually wanting to make friends online and have people to simply game with.

With that said, for my first article, I would like to give some helpful tips to any KSI member wanting to make an impact in KSI Global.

My first tip is simple if followed correctly. Every effective leader in KSI Global needs to have patience. Being impatient leads to becoming angry at members that make simple mistakes, starting arguments with members, and becoming what many members call “rank hungry” or “power hungry.”

Good leaders take the time to train new members on how to recruit and train properly, how to use the forums and our other multimedia websites, and take time playing with their squad mates. I used to be impatient constantly when training new members that were slow at learning the Code of Conduct or rank structure, members who were loud at game nights, or  members  who were arguing amongst each other.

This led to people not liking my negative attitude and to my superiors, not thinking I was ever going to be an effective leader.

The next tip I would like to share is to be open to people.  When I first joined KSI, I was very shy member.  I have never been one to immediately open up to all the new people and share my life story with and this lead to members thinking I didn’t want to be apart of the squad or KSI in general.

I had to learn to open myself up and this usually takes time and it did with myself.  I didn’t want people to think I was dork or a “no life”, but in reality almost every member in KSI is considered a dork.  We are all misfits in this world and we all decided to join KSI simply because we seen there were other dorks we could relate with.

So go out there and open yourself up to your squad mates, actively game with them each night, join squad teams and become active on the forums.

This last tip I would like to share is simply be yourself and don’t lie.  The last thing any KSI member wants to have is a liar in the squad or community.  In most cases these liars are just afraid to be themselves.  Like I said earlier, every KSI member is a dork in there own way.  Don’t be afraid to show who you are as a person  as long as its respectful.

If you make up lies about yourself so that you get recognition and feel apart of the community, it’s only going to come back to haunt you.  No member in KSI is going to throw you to the curb, because you’re different.

Most importantly, no KSI leader is ever going to think of promoting you because your lying.

Well I hope these few tips help anyone that reads this.  I  have been guilty of not following these things throughout my KSI career and even in my life.

Just know that your squad mates are here for you, we joined to make friends and to keep those friends.

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