Batman Arkham Knight

A Look at Batman: Arkham Knight

KSI Itherael takes a look at the upcoming release of Batman: Arkham Knight.

This year, Rocksteady Games will be releasing the much anticipated sequel to Batman: Arkham City.

Batman: Arkham Knight is their newest addition to this great series but unfortunately to bring out the most of the game as possible they will only be releasing this title on new gen consoles including Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

But to understand the story of this new game we must go back nearly three years to talk about Arkham city being the game before it in chronological order as it is based before it.

Arkham City is based after the event of Arkham Asylum, in that game there was a security breach where the Joker deliberately wanted to go to Arkham.

So that he could free its population as a ruse, while we find out one of the Arkhams’ doctors was experimenting on patients with a formula called Titan.

Which is what the super villain, Bane, used in the comics to grow into a giant monster with bulging biceps.

The Joker would use the chaos to cover what he really wanted, that is to create an army of henchman who have been enhanced by the formula giving him the power to destroy Gotham.

Easter eggs from the last game were featured that gave clues to fans of what the next game could be.

That was Arkham city and is no longer based in the asylum, rather a part of the city of Gotham that has been turned into a criminals crazed dream.

This is the doing of ex-warden of Arkham asylum, Quincy Sharp, who used the popularity and glory of  rounding up villains, thanks to Batman, as an opportunity to run for Gotham mayor elections.

He won, and with the help of Doctor Strange,  turned part of Gotham into a urban prison, which the main villains took control of , but this story has a twist.

Batman thinks The Joker has been killed by the Titan formula from the last game which infected his blood and was slowly killing him, but (Surprise) the Joker knocks him out and transfuses some of his blood into Batman giving him the same infection and if he does not find a cure soon he could die.

As Batman roughs up most of the villains he finds that Ra’s Al Ghoul was the real villainous mind backing Dr. Strange.

He had orchestrated this so that he could round up the many criminals of Gotham and wipe them out in what was called Protocol 10, which allowed the mercenaries who guard Arkham City in helicopter gunships to kill the population because there was no other option.

After defeating Ra’s which lead to the villain’s death, the story returns to The Joker who has captured Batmans’ love interest, the daughter of Ra’s, Talia.

She unfortunately does not survive as she believes she killed the joker (who looks better than earlier making batman believe he got the cure), but she was then shot and killed by the joker who was out of sight. The Joker at this point looks unsightly as the infection has nearly gotten to its breaking point and his near death.

He plans to use the Lazarus Pit (which is used by Ra’s to extend his life when he is near death), The Joker plans to use this to heal himself however after batman defeats the fake joker (Clayface in disguise) he is able to destroy the pit. Batman was then able to get a cure during the story by using Ra’s blood.

While he’s not looking, The Joker stabs him in the shoulder, so he could steal the cure but he drops the last vial of the cure. He desperately tries to drink the cure that had spilled on the floor, so he can survive but to no avail. The Joker laughs that batman would of given him the cure after all he has done, making the villain laugh one last time before he passes away.

Then Batman picks him up and precedes to carry him out of Arkham City to the commissioner, who is waiting outside with a few officers, asking Batman as he places Joker on the police cars bonnet “What happened in there”

Batman: Arkham Knight is based one year after the events of Arkham City, Batman is unable to move on after the death of the joker and has the feeling that the two had a bond that neither could truly say. Thanks to the jokers absence, Gotham has never seemed more pleasant and crime within the city has lowered.

Unfortunately this has given villains of Gotham and enemies of batman the perfect chance to finally do what seems impossible, Kill batman.

But on hallows eve, Scarecrow threatens the population with a newly created variant of his fear serum and has planted bombs around Gotham which causes a mass evacuation for all who live there, only criminals who remain which leaves Police facing unbeatable odds.

Seeing the odds against him, Batman continues creating new technology that will help him and remains at Gotham to fend off these evil doers.

Arkham Knight’s overall map size is around 5 times larger than Arkham City’s( which I have played, the map alone was giant and I eagerly await this edition).

The game is mainly placed within the centre of the city , which is then divided into three separate islands, with smaller areas within, such as Chinatown and an industrial estate.

With the game still more than a year from its release more details are still possible to be unveiled.

What do you want to see being in the new game, anything you liked about the last games comment below and let us know!


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