Last Strike Victorious in Spirit Week 2016

Last Strike finally broke through and won Spirit Week. Hear what the leaders have to say.

After a breathtaking three way tie for first, Last Strike has taken first place in Spirit Week 2016.

A remarkable week of broken records and great competition, LS and their undefeated halo teams have pulled it off.  After so many events, and such a close race, it all came down to a 3 way tie breaker on Halo 5 with a resounding victory of 5-1 in sumo pit, LS cemented their conquest of Spirit Week.

“This win really made everyone, including ourselves, understand what a strong division LS has become,” Division Leader KSI Akame 7 said.

Two years in a row LS has finished second place in Spirit Week. This year, second place just wouldn’t do.

The disappointment of being so close to the top and not being able to finish strong enough weighed on everyone’s minds. The determination and team spirit was sky high leading into the opening ceremony.

Everyone knew what was at stake, the biggest event of the year — fame and glory awaiting the winners.

LS is already planning domination of Spirit Week 2017. Who will step up to the plate to stop them?

Akame had some bulletin board material for the divisions outlasted this year.

“It was a good week overall, everyone did a great job. Make sure their teams are practicing, and we will be waiting to defend our crown,” Akame said.

With such a close race, no one had any idea who would come out on top. Everyone except Akame, that is.

When asked how confident LS was coming into spirit week, Akame said, “We were extremely confident. The teams we had prepared and the motivation put forward from everyone really set the tone.”

When approached about the victory, KSI Kenpachi 7 had little to say.

“I never had a doubt,” Kenpachi said.

LS got the week started by winning the Forums Challenge — a yearly competition to gauge activity on the forums.

The Forums Challenge gets better every year and Spirit Week 2016 did not disappoint. In the final five minutes of the event LS pulled ahead by five votes and managed to seal the win.

When asked what their favorite moment of Spirit Week was, almost all the 7’s in LS had the same answer as Akame.

“The Forums Challenge for sure. An extremely close race that came down to the final moments. Job well done by all the divisions.”

The leaders had a good reason to have enjoyed the forums challenge. LS didn’t just win the event, but they broke the record for most votes this year by reaching over 80 votes.

The atmosphere around LS is one of confidence and unity, and everyone is already looking forward to defending their crown next year.

Determined and now extremely confident, LS looks to take the other divisions by storm. They won’t be letting up, and neither should anyone else.

There’s roughly 350 days until Spirit Week 2017, and if anyone wants to take the crown from LS, they had better start training their teams now.

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