KSI Weekend Events: July 8 and 9

KSI Weekend Events include a Weekly Update Town Hall and a GTA 5 Race.

KSI’s weekend events are coming off a momentous week following Spirit Week.

Last week, the KSI Weekly Update received a maximum of 38 viewers, a record for the show.

This week, host KSI Akame 7 will be opening the floor in a Town Hall show. Panel members and KSI members watching through the Twitch chat are asked to bring questions and topics for discussion.

Discussion topics can vary from KSI to gaming to inside jokes and stories. These shows can help people get a better understanding of KSI or feel more comfortable in meeting new people to game with.

Weekend Warfare this weekend will be hosted at 8 p.m. EST.

The event this weekend will be a Grand Theft Auto 5 race on the Xbox One version of the game. The races will be with muscle cars.

Sign-ups for the races will be on the forums. To sign up, click here.

When the races end for the competition, the Tournament and Event staff will host a racing gamenight for as long as people want to stay and participate.

To see the monthly schedule for T&E or apply to join the team, click here.

Both events will be streamed on KSI’s official Twitch channel, KSILive.

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