KSI Weekend Events: April 22 and 23

The KSI Weekly Update and a throwback Xbox 360 tournament highlight this weekend’s events.

As has been the case for some time, we have several KSI events members can and should take advantage of this weekend.

On Friday at 7 p.m. EST, we’re having a special Weekly Update that will be all about female leaders in KSI and what they’ve had to go through and deal with during their ascension within KSI and while gaming in general.

We’re asking that everyone who shows up to the KSI Twitch stream then bring a friend to see if we can increase audience numbers.

Following the Weekly Update, KSI Mpliers 7 will continue having community gamenights and Director Battles at 8 p.m. EST. Details for that event will be announced during the Weekly Update and should be a great time to watch and participate in a great experience.

On Saturday evening, Tournaments and Events will be hosting Weekend Warfare. This week, the event will be an Xbox 360 Throwback tournament. KSI members are being allowed to vote on the poll on the right sidebar to select the game of choice, which will be announced Friday afternoon to allow 24 hours for participants to sign up to compete Saturday night.

Weekend Warfare should also be streamed on the KSI Twitch channel, KSI Live.

Please spread the word and involve yourself and your fellow members in the events KSI offers. It’s  a great chance to network and gain a better experience within the community.

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