KSI April 2016 Newsletter

The first third of 2016 has seen tremendous growth and improvement in all facets of KSI Global.

The first third of 2016 has seen tremendous growth and improvement in all facets of KSI Global. As part of our effort to improve the KSI brand and experience, we’ll be sending periodic newsletters to let you know what’s new and great within the community.


Within the first four months of 2016, we’ve moved toward our goals, and we sit just 30 members away from 4,000. Earlier this year, we even had a division split as Forced Induction created Toxic Illusion. TI has hit the ground running and is making a name for itself among the divisional ranks.


KSI’s web operations have been working on collaborating and integrating to enhance the total KSI experience.

KSI News and KSI Productions have teamed up to bring back the KSI Weekly Update every Friday at 7 p.m. EST on KSI’s Twitch channel, KSI Live.

KSI News and KSI Productions are both looking for writers and streamers. To apply go to their linked forums subsections.

KSI Tournaments and Events has been hosting Weekend Warfare each Saturday. Information on tournaments and events can be found on the department’s forums subsection.

The AAP continues to complete “Of the Month” awards each month, and soon the new, revamped award system will be live again on the forums.

Also, earlier this month, KSI revived the Marketing department. KSI FireFist 7 has been tasked with leading the department to advertise KSI to external audiences and forge a strong community brand within the gaming world.

Upcoming Events

April 23 – Xbox 360 Throwback Weekend Warfare tournament

April 30 – Xbox One Destiny Raid Race Weekend Warfare tournament

Mark your calendars for the week of June 22 – 26. KSI will be celebrating its 5th annual Spirit Week. While details will be further announced over the coming weeks and months, we know there will be tournaments for Halo, Call of Duty, Rocket League, Minecraft, Karaoke, trivia and much more.

KSI Media

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If KSI has made a difference in your life and you want to make a greater difference in the community, please donate here.

Every donation that KSI receives is immediately put toward tournaments, events and site upgrades that improve the KSI experience for all members.

During the current donation drive, any member who donates $100 will receive their own customized group on the forums, complete with unique color and sprite image next to their display name.

Thank you,

KSI Web Staff

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