Gears Of War 4 Beta: 3 Things to Know

The Gears of War 4 Beta release has begun. Here’s some things to know.

This article below is to share three things to know about the Gears of War 4 beta that is soon to be released.

When is it dropping?

The beta started on the April 18 for those who had the chance to grab early access. To get the possibility of early access you have had to be on Xbox Live and play the Ultimate Edition of Gears Of War on the Xbox One or Windows 10 by April 11th.

Starting the 18th, the keys for the beta were sent out in waves for those who had the chance to play the ultimate edition before the date mentioned earlier. Then when you get your key/code and download the beta, you will be given access to the new experience. Codes will possibly be sent out from Xbox Live via Xbox Live message.

On the bright side, if you didn’t get to play the game before the 11th April, then you’re still in luck, the early access to the game will run out on the 24th and then everyone will be able to download, then play the game until the 1st May

How are the codes being delivered?

Keys are going to be sent out by waves according to “The Coalition,” the company behind the game, but if you had happen to buy the game (Gear Of War: Ultimate Edition) when it first came out then you have a higher chance of getting the code at the first wave then someone who had bought it later such as the very last day.

Starting the 18th, the waves will start and increase constantly day by day, the goal of the developer is to send out all the codes by Thursday

Beta Rewards

The developers of GOW 4 have recently announced that when or if you reach level 20 within this beta you will be given rewards for the full game that will be released later in the year. For the players who do hit that rank, they will receive “vintage” skins for the classic weapons of the gears universe (lancer, the pistol) and a multiplayer character called Kait.

But wait there’s more. Players will also receive a vintage Kait emblem and a double XP bounty card that can be used for one match.

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