KSI Spring Break Recap

News and notes from Spring Break, the Race to 100, Spirit Week, and other tidbits.

Spring Break 2017 was awesome, and the community should be happy about it!

Forums Poll

We had about 300 people vote in the poll on the forums, which was better than expected when we realized we forgot to post the poll the first day.

Still, awesome job!

Divine Reign won the poll, with Last Strike coming in a close second.


For the Minecraft build-off, there was no clear-cut winner, and the competition was supposed to be a friendly, fun outlet for divisions to bond and build something incredible.

We don’t have places for that, but every division that submitted a map, y’all did an amazing job.

This weekend was a fun way to celebrate the coming of Spring, to have a great time as a community playing video games, and gear up for Spirit Week in a few months!

Details on Spirit Week will be coming out in the coming weeks and months, and we hope the motivation and excitement from the weekend’s events carry over.

Race to 100

In Clan-Ops, there was a Race to 100. Divisions in KSI were competing to see which division could grow by the most by Spring Break, and we have the final results.

DR won first place, and they grew by 82 members! Wow.

Eternal Souls came in second. They gained 56.

Legendary Warriors rounded out the top-three with 53 members gained.

Honorable mention goes to LS, which grew by 51 members.

Awesome job, all the way around.

Other Notes

Be sure to check the forums, above the shoutbox, for news and announcements!

History team and T&E are looking for applicants, and the Production’s Upload Studio montage competition is open, but all these things are closing soon so don’t wait and get left out!


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