The Importance of Rank Requirements

Having knowledge, relationships, and time in KSI makes attaining rank much simpler.


Recently, discrepancy throughout the community with time requirements for certain ranks has arisen. New members in KSI want to move up through the ranks faster than we can breathe. The enthusiasm is refreshing, however, we have set up time requirements for quite a few very good reasons.

Rank Requirements

Staff Sergeant: No time requirement, used as a training rank.

Lieutenant: 3 weeks in KSI.

Captain: 2 weeks as a Lieutenant.

General: 1 month as a Captain.

Co-founder: 1 month as a General.

Founder: 1 month as a Co-founder.

Co-division Leader: 1 month as a Founder.

Division Leader: 1 month as Co-division Leader.

Director: 1 month as Division Leader.

Senior Director: 3 months as Director.


Just because an active member is in any of these ranks for the amount of time stated above does not mean that ranking up is guaranteed. Nothing in life is guaranteed.

However, if someone is a dedicated, caring, open-minded individual who is willing to learn and lead, that person will go far in this community.

Reasoning Behind Time Requirements

Each time requirement is set in place to make sure that each rank maintains a set amount of knowledge and dedication to their squad or division. Making the decision of promoting someone before that person hits their timeline should be done only on special occasion.

Throughout the history of KSI, many individuals have been promoted far too quickly. Then, the second anything does not play out as expected, said individuals drop KSI like dry ice. The second another community comes along and attempts to poach, offering higher ranks and whatnot, said individuals flee. This is something the leaders of KSI have had to deal with for many years. These time requirements help for us, as a community, to avoid this.

Reap the Rewards

The people who are willing to wait and go through trials of dealing with poaching, drama, and nonsense will be rewarded. Those individuals be rewarded with knowledge from hands-on situations. Those leaders will have spent time with their fellow members to create relationships. Those dedicated members will be rewarded with the rank that is deserved.

Many leaders will maintain their rank for longer than these time requirements. This can be because someone is filling up the seat ahead of them or because they have more learning to do. Whatever the case may be, maintaining the motivation and the relationships within this community are far more important than any rank that can be attained.

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