KSI Viral Videos – (April 16, 2017)

Rocket League, Halo 5, Flight Simulator X, Grand Theft Auto, MWR, and music from Cold War Kids.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another edition of KSI Viral Videos!

We took last week off because of KSI Spring Break, but we are baaaaack.


Enjoy NeatMike trying to play Rocket League on the keyboard instead of using a controller. As always, he does say some naughty things, so viewer discretion is advised.

It feels like every edition of Viral Videos needs Rocket League and Grand Theft Auto. I don’t know why, but GTA fails are just so amazing.

So here’s some fails.

Seven Nation Army might be the most over-rated, over-used pump-up song out there, but there’s something oddly rewarding about using Modern Warfare Remastered gun shots to produce the song.

Ozzy Man Reviews are the best part of YouTube. He curses a lot and it’s mostly NSFW, but when he does something involving gaming, it’s an automatic inclusion in Viral Videos.

Flight Simulator X looks like it can be stupid fun. Here’s a guy trolling as an flight traffic controller.

Life as an air traffic controller seems stressful!

I don’t Halo 5 so my knowledge of what you can do in it is very limited.

You can apparently play Quidditch? Well OK then.

Finally, we have our music part of the post to end things today.

I wasn’t really sure what song I wanted to use, so I figured to use a Cold War Kids music video they just released two weeks ago.

Here’s Restless.

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